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    Hump Day Kids ball

    Good call my friend, thanks for the winner!
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    EE Fantasy Baseball $ league

    What's the buy in?
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    Wilder vs Fury II

    Thanks fellas, went a little different than I thought but I could see 30 seconds into the fight how it was gonna go down, just was hoping Wilder lasted to 9
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    Wilder vs Fury II

    I'm taking the Under 10.5 rounds. Fury suffered a brutal cut above his eye in his last fight against a nobody and it looked for a bit that the fight might be stopped. Fury handled his business well enough but if Wilder opens up a cut early there's no way Fury will make it 12 rounds bleeding...
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    Wed ncaab

    Hell of a day my friend! Tailed every play! Go 9ers!
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    Joker Vs. Federer

    Like the play MP40, only thing that worries me is Roger retiring the match. Think he'll give it a real go but he does look tired and hurt.
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    Boxing Sept 15; Canelo vs GGG

    I think this fight will go very similar to their first fight. Canelo coming out strong to start, winning most of the early rounds, and then gassing out at the midway point. From there GGG will start his stalking again, backing Canelo into the ropes for some scoring rallies. Canelo will probably...
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    2018 NFL Playoffs

    I really haven't been posting much lately, I suffer from the posting jinx at times I find...but I'll give it a go for these playoffs and see if I can shake it. Here's what I got for Saturday. KC -9 (EV) 2* It's a big number for sure, but I'll bite. Mularkey's on his way out the door, I'll...
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    Boxing; Sept 16, Canelo vs GGG

    Just heading out to go watch this fight, no time for a write up but do not miss this fight! This is the real fight of the year. Guaranteed big drama show. Golovkin -160 4*
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    Mayweather vs McGregor

    Kinda surprised there's no post about this fight yet. Hoping to avoid the posting jinx that has plagued me as well. Mayweather by KO/TKO/DQ -135 4* When Mayweather fought Arturo Gatti everyone was saying the same things they are saying about this fight. "Oh, he only has to hit him with one...
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    Boxing June 17; Ward vs Kovalev II

    Andre "S.O.G" Ward (31-0, 15KO; 33 years old) vs Sergey "Krusher" Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KO; 34 years old) This is a rematch from last November's controversial unanimous decision victory over Kovalev. Many thought Kovalev, who scored a knockdown against Ward in the 2nd round was the effective...
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    Boxing, Frampton vs Santa Cruz II

    Frampton by decision +130 4*
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    2017 NFL Playoffs

    Will post all my plays in this thread here, best of luck to everyone on the board. HOU -4 1* I don't love Houston here, but I'm going to take my chances with the league's #1 ranked defense vs a QB making his first start. Houston caught a break here and instead of just happy to be here, they'll...
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    EE-Baseball Season Wins Contest

    Hey guys, Just wondering if a winner was announced for this contest? I searched and couldn't find but may have missed it. Thanks.