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    Saturday Picks

    GL IP, watching the Krak game, not much D so far. Looks good
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    Back to the Well Saturday

    2/7RR 1. Buffalo Sabres @ Detroit Red Wings (Regulation Time) Draw +336 Open 2. Edmonton Oilers @ Vegas Golden Knights (Regulation Time) Draw +338 Open 3. Ottawa Senators @ Los Angeles Kings (Regulation Time) Draw +336 Open 4. Columbus Blue Jackets @ St Louis Blues (Regulation Time) Draw...
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    Fryday Picks

    Nice night Ice!
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    Turkey Trot Friday

    Ahh got it. Tailed got -103
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    TGIF Draws

    You know it. B2B2B
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    Turkey Trot Friday

    Seven o'clock ML Parlay NC State pick Ohio State pick -111 How did u get NC state at a pick?
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    Survivor Pool Input

    It was close, Lidder changed my mind.
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    TGIF Draws

    Havent been hitting them lately. But maybe today teams will be tired from yesterdays festivities. 2/7 RR draws OPEN CASH OUT ID: 1407024 1. NY Rangers @ Boston Bruins (Regulation Time) Draw +323 Open 2. Carolina Hurricanes @ Philadelphia Flyers (Regulation Time) Draw +314 Open 3. St...
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    3 Pack on Turkey Day

    Well u being a Dallas fan and recommending Bills was helpful. 😁 Get em Sunday..
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    Survivor Pool Input

    Thanks all for your input here. Won our pool with the Bills win.
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    Turkey Day Live Thread

    Nice run there Brieda
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    Away Favorites on Thanksgiving

    Welcome! The data is solid cant account for stupid (Bears!)
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    Turkey Day Live Thread

    Its almost unwatchable
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    Turkey Day Live Thread

    Bills letting them hang around. Always dangerous.
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    Turkey Day Plays

    Nice work today Ice