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    Mon Sept 25

    Ok Ice that’s a hellova rant but I still do not speak moon shine English. kind of like being in the ghetto and not understanding the brothers for how they speak amongst themselves….let’s get a play in and leave the ghetto slang to ur neighbours
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    NFL wk 3

    Have not won on an ATS play this season...-5*...Time to get it together and put in a good play. Donkey's +6** Jefferson(Minny) to be OVER 99yds receiving** GL on ur plays today....Lidder:cool: Only in Canada can you paddle up in a canoe and get a coffee.....I guess we'll call it 'The Paddle...
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    SNF (Sunday Night Football) WK # 3 PYP Contest

    Ok...I'm gonna try this...seems complicated MM but sure we can get through it.... Pitts +2.5 LV UN 21.5 LV to score 1st Pitt score last TD first score FG Last score No pick 6 Hopefully I did this correctly....I need some free NFL swag!
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    Wk 3 NFL TNF is upon us & we need…

    Nice job on the moderation...MM....2Nite I am on the UNDA 44** -2* on the season..GL to all tonite....Lidder. Jones OVER> 211 yds passing *
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    MNF WEEK 2 doubleheader

    Meestermike the new administer congrats and thanks for posting I’m on the Panthers +4 as my pow
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    MNF Play

    Lol…my favourite Island is in Hawaii
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    Gl OB nice to be back seeing ur plays
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    MNF Play

    0-1 to start the season 2* play tonite Two good QB’s two stout defences Defence wins championships Offence wins games…some team is going to need to score at end of game and I hope it goes OVA Play is Bills/Jets Over 44 :cool:
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    NFL 2023

    GL on ur teaser....Golf was fun....wagering didn't go so well....but had a great time...LMAO at you in the cart....LOL
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    NFL Wk.1

    Another NFL season is upon us....good to see some familiar names...SOOOOOO...Let's GOOOOOOOOO !!!! Today I'm on the Wash deadskins -7 vs Zona. That's it that's all ...Lets some win some money Men. GL on ur plays today....Lidder:cool: To all my Bills fans out here....this one is for you!!
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    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    On the OVA with you...GL to us. Score You Bastards....SYB!!!
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    TNF 2023

    Hello to my buds here at EE...Great to be back and hopefully we can make some $$$ with some good picks. Tonight I'm on the OVER 52.5*.....GL on ur plays today ...Lidder:cool: Score You Bastards...LOL...Eh Dawg....SYB!!! Summer holidays on Lake Nippissing....enjoy.
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    If you have any handicapping hints…I’m

    Thanks for the free info Ice....Well done.