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    mtl @ phx

    going with the OVER 5.5 (+130) in this one.. Habs have a history of overs in PHX, though this stat is kinda useless since they've only been there about 3 times this decade.. however.. PHX hasn't played since Saturday so they're well rested and anxious to get back on the ice.. MTL always draws...
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    wed action

    going with these tonight.. CHI was a first instinct play, and seeing a general lack of interest in the EDM/BUF game generally indicates there'll be a close game.. BUF is struggling a bit and EDM came out strong vs. OTT last night and lost in a shootout.. momentum is slightly with the Oilers...
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    Wednesday dogs

    31-40-1 (+20.34) Is Ovechkin worth 30 cents on the ML? Caps are +123 dogs in NJ tonight but when considering Road/Home stats, they have the edge over NJ in just about every category.. Considering WAS's road stats and NJ's home stats.. Caps have the edge in: PP%.... PK%.... 5-on-5...
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    sunday action

    31-38 (+22.34) the early games often have a good OT frequency, so i'll try both today.. the three early games yesterday didn't yield anything.. BOS/NYR go to OT (+330) SJ/CAR go to OT (+335)
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    Saturday action

    28-37 (+19.65) the PIT REG ML play pushed yesterday.. not gonna bother counting pushes in my record.. got this in just in time.. sorry for the late post.. Parlay (+171) ... 0.75 to win 1.28 CAR/PHI Under 6.5 BOS ML BOS -0.5 (+103) ... 0.5 to win 0.52 BOS -1.5 (+184) ... 0.5 to win 0.92...
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    friday action

    27-36 (+18.15) Going with the Sharks tonight and here's why.. COL is currently the best team in the league, surprising EVERYBODY so far. SJ was the odds on fav to win the west this year, and after losing in COL earlier this season, the Sharks will be ready to show this young team that...
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    thursday trio

    26-34 (+19.15) going with 3 tonight.. looking for NJ to ride their big win over PIT.. BOS is struggling.. who knows, maybe they break out tonight, but getting NJ +0.5 for less than -110 is a good bet imo.. also looking for TB to take care of their part of the Florida angle.. PIT struggled...
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    plus money plays

    24-31 (+17.61) Let's see how these go tonight.. FLA (+125) TOR +0.5 (+104) COL/CGY go to OT (+350) LA/SJ go to OT (+350) BUF/NJ go to OT (+325)
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    Sunday games

    scratched up a bit of dough last night.. 23-28 (+19.27) gonna keep trying these high % parlays.. on a 3-0 run with them.. nothing fancy today.. just hoping for 1 OT game really.. Parlay (+134) SJ/PHI 2nd P. Over 1.5 CBJ/LA 2nd P. Over 1.5 SJ/PHI go to OT (+335) CBJ/LA go to OT (+335)...
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    Hockey Night action

    21-26 (+18.58) CAR and FLA both blew 2 goal leads last night.. got a few for tonight.. CAR (+120) TB (+115) NJ (+160) Parlay (+218) ... 0.5* EDM/CGY 1st P. Over 1.5 SJ/ATL 1st P. Over 1.5 btw, these lines are from wgrstrt
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    fridays dogs

    20-23 (+20.08) had a huge night last night (5-2, +14.50) hitting 2 of 3 OT's at 2* apiece.. i can thank timely comebacks by both PHX and DAL, whom each scored with less than 3 minutes left to tie it up. DET TT was the only blemish on the night.. gonna have a couple for friday.. possibly 3...
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    thursday OU/TTs

    15-21-0 (+5.58) Gonna try and stab some high percentage plays in a couple parlays tonight.. Considering period-by-period goals for/against stats (among many other things), these turn out to be the 4 strongest period plays of the day.. Parlay (+129) BOS/PHI 2nd P. Over 1.5 WAS/ATL 2nd P. Over...
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    wed action

    haven't posted here in a while.. ee posted record; 13-18 (+5.3) got a few for tonight dogs look good tonight.. Isles starting Roloson, looking for win #1 against a weaker than usual Carolina team.. NAS is lightning in a bottle.. without their leading scorer Arnott.. who knows.. FLA has the...
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    thanksgiving dogs

    13-16 (+7.3) disappointing night last night.. Leafs really are as bad as their record indicates.. can't believe i passed up such a cheap line on the defending champs.. two auto plays today... got both of these last night at better prices, but these are current lines.. ANA +121 DAL +136
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    2 plays for saturday

    13-13 (+9.3) going with 2 for tonight.. FLA (+101) ... 1* gonna take a crack at the Florida trip angle.. NJ beat TB.. barely!.. and after FLA returned to North AMerica, only to get their asses kicked, they're right back at it tonight for their home opener.. i dont think the B2B will be an...