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    GL tonight Scotte
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    MNF Play

    Gl tonight Lid. I like the play. That total scares the hell out of me. Usually bad weather favors the offense. This high winds can cut down on the long balls and also field goals and extra points. Buffalo’s rush defense isn’t that good. I wonder if the hoodie just runs the hell out of the ball...
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    Monday Picks

    Gl tonight Ice!!
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    NCAA Championship Saturday

    Hats off to Alabama. Turnovers and a horrible second quarter really hurt Georgia. San Diego St forgot they played today. I do hope Cincinnati played their way in today. Well upward and onward. Over 72.5 Pitt 3***
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    NCAA Championship Saturday

    Georgia -6.5 5***** My first thoughts on this play is I have to have rocks in my head to lay 6.5 against 'Bama and Saban..This play comes down to Alabama's offense struggling running the ball at times..If Georgia's defense can stop Alabama's running game and make Bryce Young throw the ball...
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    Saturday Picks

    I am with you on Georgia today Ice...I kind of like Iowa also, but don't think I will be playing that game...Both teams kind of mirror each other and 12.5 is a lot of points...BOL today
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    NCAA Championship Saturday

    Want to get this posted before the game starts. I’ll be back shortly with my other plays. San Diego St-6 2** Over 49.5 1*
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    Sat Champ games

    GL today BB
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    Gl Scotte
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    CFB Notes

    As always Ice thank you.
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    One big bet NFL , thursday ! Enjoy jajajaja hahaha !

    Tailing you on that under Amigo...Benji's for all tonight
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    Thirstday Picks

    GL tonight Ice..I definitely like your final score
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    Thus nighter

    Gl tonight BB...I like them both as well
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    TNF Tail for Benji's

    I guess we are getting those Benji’s tonight?
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    GL tonight OG