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    Saturday Picks

    4-3 on Friday, this is what I like today. sea\flo-OVER 6 OTT buf\det-OVER 5.5 CLB GL 🍻
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    Back to the Well Saturday

    GL CC 🍻
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    Saturday Picks

    2-4 on Black Friday, this is what I like today. NBA CLE-9.5 HOU+5.5 DAL-6.5 CFB ILL-6.5 MIN+7 CAL+6.5 GL 🍻
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    NCAA Saturday

    GL GD30 🍻
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    Turkey Trot Saturday

    GL G 🍻
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    CFB Saturday

    GL with the big card Ohara. 🍻
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    GL S24 🍻
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    GL Scotte 🍻
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    Fryday Picks

    van|clb-OVER 5.5 COL GL 🍻
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    Fridays Picks

    CFB WAS+1 NBA GST-7 PHX-2.5 GL 🍻
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    Black Fri plays

    GL Bb 🍻
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    Fryday Picks

    This is what I like so far today. NYR STL MIN ott\ana-OVER 5.5 NAS GL 🍻 🥃
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    TGIF Draws

    It's Fryday, let's tie one on. GL 🍻 🥃 🍻🥃🍻🥃:p
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    Fridays Picks

    4-0 on Turkey Day, this is what I like so far. CFB BSST-2.5 NEB-1 I know their stating QB is out but I just don't like IOWA's offence. Nebraska's D will put pressure on Iowa's QB and I expect a lot of sacks, it's also Senior Day. ECAR+14 I know Cinncy is a great team but I just don't see...