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    Turkey Trot Saturday

    USM -13.5 won and covered as they jumped out to a 21-0 1st quarter lead and hung on to win 37-17. A 2-9 USM rushed for over 320 yards with no QB on their roster. Hope some of you guys jumped on this play.
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    Saturday Picks

    Good luck!! Like that Cal play. Bruins never play well coming off a game against USC
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    21-13 Michigan now. Good luck on your OSU -6.5 play dickhead!
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    Chan is a fuckin moron! Ignore this asshole
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    It is!! Good luck man!!
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    Who the fuck are you??? I have tailed Scott many times. He’s a great member of this forum. We don’t always agree on the same plays. Just came in here to wish him good luck even if we are on opposite sides. But you make a comment like this? Gtfo you piece of shit!!
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    Good luck!! Opposite of your big play. Couldn’t pass up Michigan +7 at home.
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    Turkey Trot Saturday

    This is awesome stuff G!!! Way too funny lol lol love it!!! Gonna shop for those hand warmers as a stocking stuffer for my wife, she will love this! Thanks for the tip!! Good luck on the plays!!! You may also want to look into playing USM -13.5 over FIU. There’s a guy I follow across the street...
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    Black Friday Plays

    Couldn’t believe that 4th quarter meltdown. They have been so bad under Frost. I can never win with Nebraska.
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    Turkey Trot Friday

    It’s Garraund lol so you know it’s a teaser or a ML parlay lol in this case it’s a 2 team ML parlay that pays -111 instead of a 2 team spread parlay that would pay +260
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    Turkey Trot Friday

    4th and 1 from your own 30 with 9 minutes left and down only 2 and KSU coach decides to go for it?? What a moron! These so called analytics genius coaches are ruining the game. Glad KSU lost, they deserved it with that bonehead call.
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    Great job on a winning day!
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    Turkey Trot Friday

    Ok lol getting to know this Howard kid lol 71 yard TD run huh ok game on lol
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    Fridays Picks

    Good luck and congrats on the sweep on Thursday.
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    Black Fri plays

    Good luck BB