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    Turkey Day

    1-1 so far so adding this one.. 3. Mississippi St -2 OB
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    3 Pack on Turkey Day

    Happy Turkey Day Coach!!
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    Turkey Day Plays

    Nice call on Lions IP! Stay hot!!
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    Good luck on the over OG! Happy Turkey Day!
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    Happy Turkey Day Scotte! Wishing u a great day!
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    Turkey day

    Great call BB!!
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    Turkey picks

    Great call on Lions! BOL the rest of the day! Happy Turkey day! Thank you for always sharing your thoughts, and congrats on a great year!
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    Thanksgiving NFL

    Great call on the lions E! Congrats!
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    Turkey Day Live Thread

    You would think after scoring on that long TD to Reynolds he would know better! Lol
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    Turkey Day

    First play not looking great after many promising opportunities go to waste. Adding a college football play. 2. Fresno State -7 OB
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    Turkey day

    Good Luck BB! Happy Turkey day!!
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    Turkey Trot

    Had to pass on that 2nd half bet as I have the over for the game. However, NBL!
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    Turkey Trot

    Nice way to start the trot G! Under by the hook!!😎
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    Turkey Trot

    Happy Thanksgiving G! Enjoy the family and friends! Looking forward to the trot as always! Love Big Family Dinners as they are very hard to coordinate these days with everyone dealing with all different life issues and jobs! So when they come together, they are VERY SPECIAL for sure! Enjoy the...
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    Turkey Day

    Happy Turkey Day to all my EE family! Hope y’all enjoy the festivities. Looking forward to G’s Turkey trot. But will get started with one play I like on Game 1 1. bears/lions over 41.5 I see both teams scoring today, Daulton will be able to move this ball bs a bad Detroit 2ndary. Swift and...