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    Mon nfl

    Fun in the Sun....have fun!
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    Sunday CFL Playoffs

    Got the first...good luck on the western semi!
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    Week 12

    have a good one og!
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    Sunday Tease

    Good luck CC!
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    Ohio St. -6.5 I don't see this being close but that just makes me think it might...going with my first instinct Florida St. +3.5 The Seminole D should come up with enough plays Going to be a fun day of football! Good luck all
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    CFB Saturday

    Have a great day O! On Ohio St. and Florida St. too
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    Turkey day

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving BB! Good luck on the plays too
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    Have a great day Scotte!
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    Happy Thanksgiving EE

    Have a great one SSB!
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    Turkey Trot

    Good luck with the picks but more enjoy the day with the family G!
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    Good luck on the over...playing it also 👍
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    Turkey picks

    Have a good one!
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    Turkey Day Plays

    Good luck Ice!
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    Thanksgiving NFL

    Nice call on the Lions...good luck on the Saints!
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    3 Pack on Turkey Day

    Have a great day Lidder!