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    TNF Tail for Benji's

    McCarthy is out as coach this week so I think that will helpDallas even more. I obviously think he is a terrible coach and it is a plus that he is out. LOL!!
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    Survivor Pool Input

    I would go with Buff as is just to beat up for me to trust them. Also, Buff will be making amends for last weeks debacle Gl CC I am also alive in our survivor but I am waiting for sundays slate to pull the trigger
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    gl on the plays! with u on sd st
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    Good luck on the play Scott!!
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    RhodyJoe's Pick of the Day

    nice call!
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    Sat Nov 13

    Good luck Ice! i am on it also!!
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    GL Scottie!! have a winning day
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    Saturday Football

    Good thinking and good luck! enjoy your time
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    Saturday Football

    You are right!! pissed me off while you were golfing I was on my roof cleaning the gutters in the rain ! LOL LOL!!
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    Thurs Nov 4

    Kappa fwiw I will be betting of the breeders cup both days, I can post them with Ice or in a separate thread
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    CFB Thursday

    Gl Ohara!! I am with you on this one lets get em!
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    Exciting Sunday MLB NFL

    I am betting that bradys crap was a 12 coiler !!!LOL
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    RhodyJoe's Picks for September 30th 2021

    gl! with you on the bengals
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    GL buddy!!
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    Fortinet Championship

    Good luck Hav!! keep it up