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    Kids plays for Saturday

    Under "thing." Week 1: 1-3 Week 2: 3-2 Week 3: 3-2 Week 4: 1-0 Total: 8-7 Not as azz kickin as past two seasons, but got into the black with last week's play. Two games this week: Ark St/Iowa Un 45 Miss/Vandy Un 44 Low #'s so I don't like 'em, but bought 'em both. Good luck with your play...
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    Kids spot for Sat

    Under spot went 3-2 last week, back to even minus juice now at 7-7. Week 1: 1-3 Week 2: 3-2 Week 3: 3-2 So, jury still out as to whether it will be profitable for a 3rd year, won't know after this week cuz just 1 game active. Wash St/USC Un Wait to buy, already up 2-3 from opened, and will...
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    Kids, Week 3

    The "Under" thing went 3-2 last week (I faded two of them and, of course, went 0-2.) So, 1-3 week one, 3-2 week two, total 4-5. A few spots this week, first up Boise St/Fresno St Un 54. Number was 54' and I didn't buy properly, waited thinking it would go up. I think Boise can score that many...
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    Don't be like jailed crooks - have fun, good luck.

    Know what every crook in jail has in common? They all thought they had it figured out. And it was gonna be eeeeasy . . . They had the system beat. They were gonna score. Bettors in week 1 tend to be the same way. They look at that opening day card for 30 days or more before the season begins...
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    Kids play week 2

    Week 1 recap: Survived by wits last week rather than early play. The method I used for picking Unders the past 2 season got off to a lousy start at 1-3. Let's look at them to see what we can use going forward. The first two games, Tenn and USC saw a 0-0 & 3-0 Q1's, only to completely unravel...
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    Early buys, NFL & Kids

    I already bought Dal/TB Un 42, sorry I didn't get it in here b4 that ship sailed. Also bought TB Un 6' but don't think that's around anymore either; 6 is still good though. I bought GB -3. A little more than 99.9% of you are going to watch the Sunday night game. Wait until then and you will...
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    Sat card

    LAA/Min Un 10 fits best spot today, and Chi/Fla Un 8' fits Betty (4-1 this season.)
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    Childress spanks the monkey . . .

    She led him on, teased him, and then . . . left him hanging! Dumped him, in front of the whole school. Spank it, Brad . . .
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    MLB Tue card

    Got a couple of fits today. NY/TB Un 9 -125 fits The Babe, Cubs -108 fits Ginger, Wash/Milw Un 10' -110 gives us a spot on Maryann, Cubs team total Under fits Sandra (thanks to Yaqui for this 8-1 play.) Records for all plays are in the other thread. I bought in on The Babe and Maryann. Not sure...
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    Sunday MLB card

    Missed yeserday with Cle/Sea. Today, two top spots, TB/Tor Un 9 and Cle/Sea Un 8'. Two other spots, same as yesterday's spot active in today's SD/Wash game, Un 8' and St L/Phil fits 'Maryann.' Can't say I like the numbers we get, especially when factoring in recent scoring by the likes of Cle...
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    "Sorry" note for Pacer and VCR alert

    Pacer, Just remembered you asked a question; forgot to answer, sorry. Didn't want you to think I was blowing it off. Yes, I'm on LAD tonight. And, for all posters, VCR alert: Turner Classic Movies is running "Freaks" tonight. Classic! (And yes, I'm just kidding, I don't still use a VCR.)...
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    MLB card for Friday

    For 8 innings last night it looked like I was going to start today's post with "never change your answer on a quiz" after I changed my mind and posted a play on LAA. But riding Maryann was profitable once again as she came on like Secretariat at the end, 2 runs in the 9th, 1 in the 10th to win...
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    Wednesday MLB card

    OK, first up, we have action with Ginger. Problem is it's on NYY. Ginger is at 13-4, +6.6. At today's game's price of -320 we'd have to risk the profit from three previous wins, to bank one unit. I'm not doing it, and I'm not recommending it. But, what to do about record keeping? To keep it...
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    MLB card for Tue

    The Babe: Min/Oak Un, Az/Col Un 9' Maryann: Min/Oak Bought Az/Col, waiting on Min/Oak (after yesterday's run fest this one will get Over action, and we'll get a better price later today.)
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    MLB card for Saturday

    Two plays are active in top profile spot as I go for the numbers I mentioned here the other day in the 2 page thread: Balt/Chi Un 9, TB/KC Un 8. It sux that the game I waited for, to get to 40 W's, is on a game I really don't like - Chi has been tearing the cover off of the ball, and combined...