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    NFL for sunday

    The chiefs game will have ZERO visibility from the start to the finish. Happy new year to all my friends.
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    nfl football for 2020

    Just want to wish all the great guys and gals in here the best season possible. I'll no longer be posting my picks in here. Anyway I just wanted to give MY Friends a good start to the season. Take Cleveland +9 at sportbet for 3 hundred Take Tennessee +1.5 at bookmaker for 3 hundred There...
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    NFL football contest

    Will there be an everyedge football contest year? Can someone let me know. Thank you Susan
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    Susan wins NFL Playoffs capper of the year......

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Hope to see all of you next year. Stay healthy and keep safe. Susan
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    Super Bowl Game

    Sorry meant Kansas city -1 7 times the normal bet. Susan
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    Super Bowl Game

    Hope you all made lots of money this year. I just bet this game 10 minutes ago. Take Kansas city +1 7 times the normal bet. Susan
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    NFL games for sunday

    Thanks Garraund. Have fun in Vegas. Susan
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    NFL games for sunday

    Going to take a 2 team 6 point teaser today. Take the 49ers -2 Take the chiefs -1 Susan
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    Sundays nfl games

    Yes it was 5 times I had the caps button on. Sorry
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    Sundays nfl games

    Take the chiefs over 50 Take the Packers -4 buy a point and make it -3 % times the normal bet. Susan
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    Saturdays nfl games

    Take the 49ers -7 3 times normal bet. Susan
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    sunday nfl game

    Take the seattle game under 45 Susan
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    Nfl saturday

    Take the Titans +4.5 Buy the half point making it plus 5 Susan
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    Sundays nfl games

    Take Seattle +3.5 and buy the half point making them +4 At betus 4 times normal bet Take Atlanta +1.5 At betus 3 times normal bet Take the Raiders +3.5 and buy the half point making them +4 4 times normal bet. I just finished betting these bets now. Susan
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    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone here and there families a wonderful Xmas and a joyful New Year. Susan