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    15-0 this season, not too shabby

    GoSDQL hello and could you give me a 1st name please, simpler to address. Love in season trends if we can get on them soon enough which I guess is part of the trick. I'm also not concerned with yearly historical data when I look at this as all previous years have far less results because of...
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    NHL Trend that's 18-4 this season

    nice work sdql
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    NHL(Covid)Plays running thread

    Nice work in this thread sob !
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    Mar 11/21

    Hey Paul not sure if you've used this site called oddsshark but they have some good info over there some that might interest you not sure. I use it a lot for NBA 1stq and 1sth betting stats. The NHL section has 1st period total info you might want to glance at, not as good as the NBA 1stq/1sth...
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    NHL totals

    Not to beat dead horse so to speak but here's a real nice look for the last 5 games, it updates everyday to the last 5 and you could use any number for n5:date team,o:team,period scores,o:period scores,game number,goals+o:goals, site, total, line, goals, o:goals,date@season=2020 and n5:date...
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    NHL totals

    Just adding to the above to see period scores team,o:team,period...
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    NHL totals

    Here's a better look than the one above as I added goals and o:goals. The layout is nice on the right SDQL column as the total goals is alone under each game query for a quick clean look season = 2020 and team and game number and goals and o:goals and goals+o:goals...
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    NHL totals

    No that's the same name,. Hello Mike
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    Mar 9/21

    Nice work on the 1st period over pauly and your over is looking good as well, gl
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    NHL totals

    Haven't been heere in ages but I got a kick out of me being a new member, I joined in 2002 lol. Must have something to do with number of posts I guess
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    NHL totals

    Good link for researching totals season = 2020 and team and game number and goals+o:goals
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    Roger Neilson: 1934-2003

    Roger Neilson: 1934-2003 Canadian Press 6/21/2003 Roger Neilson will be remembered by those who knew him as, first, a friend and, second, as a hockey innovator and coach. He was such a likable character that, even though he never married and had no living relatives, more than 1,300...