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  1. ace21

    wed ncaa plays

    3pm tip fres -5.5 tonite vt -1.5 uva -2
  2. ace21

    bowl game bets

    over 51.5 buff/char 3* windy but both teams run mostly anyway and rain will be moved out by kickoff...both teams been scoring a lot recently so both should be near 30 buffalo maybe 40 utahst -6.5 3* no breakdown just feel they are superior team and will roll
  3. ace21

    bowl season chat

    friday starts the bowl season..... looks like rain for both games rain coming to end in early game but 20+ mph wind late game calling for rain as it starts and increasing liking utah st in late one what u guys thinking
  4. ace21

    saturday aaf

    arizona -4.5 over 44.5 orlando game
  5. ace21

    friday mlb

    Three for friday all 1 unit Usually like the dogs but don't see any today Milw. -142 Oak. -142 Tor. -157
  6. ace21

    tuesday baseball

    all 1 unit under 7 tb/balt cleveland +170 (not big on dickey ,especially at this price ) seattle +119
  7. ace21

    2 early mlb thurs

    over 8 reds/hou tampa bay +125
  8. ace21

    under 68.5 second half

    may seem ugly but defense is beautiful thing also
  9. ace21

    3 ncaa for sunday

    florida pk em over 123.5 rich/day ohio st- 10
  10. ace21

    thurs ncaa

    under 136 syracuse colorado +7- under 148 kansas st cal +3- over 150 long beach all go btween 2 and 330 pm
  11. ace21

    2 early wed ncaa

    nebraska 3- uconn pk ....uconn line looks like will be a pk em , im in up to -3.5
  12. ace21

    sunday nfl plays

    cleveland +3 cleveland ml 4 teamer denver +3 miami-3 sf -3 zona -4
  13. ace21

    wed mlb

    split yesterday end up + .4 units today getting good money on pirates 1 unit for 1.5 return and like peavy to lead sox to w 1.5 for 1 unit return good luck
  14. ace21

    2 late tues mlb dogs

    san diego and seattle , getting really good odds here on these 2 tonight in what i feel are 2 pick em games.... good luck
  15. ace21

    texas recievers

    if they catch the ball texas is winning this game, drop in endzone , shipley just let that through his hands, horrible, help a young kid out:mad:
  16. ace21

    week 17

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- tenn -6 .... started 0-6 going for 8-8 and cj 2000 yrds atl -1.5 ... going for 1st back to back winning seasons, plus frustrating year feel they take out on tampa chi -3..... horrible year for cutler , chance to...
  17. ace21


    takin under 56 , colorado simplified playbook 2 weeks ago after 2 horrible losses, also turning to run more, stewart is back also and ran all over wv last year.... eating up clock a lot more in effort to stay in games..... 3* under 56 1* colorado +17
  18. ace21


    think dallas covers but too many pts to lay when romo is the qb.....think both teams hit 20's ......3* over 48 .....boys 34-24
  19. ace21

    week 3 nfl

    det +6.5 * atl +5 * hou -3.5 ***
  20. ace21

    sorry to anyone that followed me on colorado

    this is why i havent posted to many picks on here , they all fall apart,,,toebaber u were right csu took it easy on them in second half