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  1. EE Sam

    NFL Week 9

    @Garraund You may want to hedge that teaser - Rodgers just tested positive for Covid.
  2. EE Sam

    Congrats EE Sam

    LOL Coachlid - way too kind. I've been terrible up until last week. I will think about a POW this week.
  3. EE Sam

    Happy 20th anniversary

    20 years old...makes me feel young. And thank you to all the great members who have kept this going.
  4. EE Sam

    Hi Mike, there is a rule on promoting a site with a link. You can mention the site without...

    Hi Mike, there is a rule on promoting a site with a link. You can mention the site without linking. On another note, my life has taken a bit of a turn with my parents and in-laws needing further care. I will be looking for someone to take over the site. Would you or anyone else be interested?
  5. EE Sam

    TNF side

    Good luck IP!
  6. EE Sam

    NFL thurs

    Good luck tonight - Not big on the Giants.
  7. EE Sam

    EveryEdge Pick 6 Contest 2021

    Week 2 Odds are up!
  8. EE Sam

    Monday night foots O/U

    I'm with you IP!
  9. EE Sam


    good luck ScotteG!
  10. EE Sam

    Sunday Plays - Welcome Back

    Nice to see everyone again! Hope you and your families are doing well! Now let's see if we can make some money Vikings -3 over the Bengals Falcons -3.5 over the Eagles Cardinals +2.5 over Titans BOL this season everyone!
  11. EE Sam

    Saturday NCAA FB Baby!

    Love it that college ball is back in full swing! Syracuse -1 over Ohio Illinois -6.5 over UTSA Missouri-14 over Central Michigan Marshall -2.5 over Navy San Diego St. -31.5 over New Mexico State BOL to everyone!
  12. EE Sam

    NCAA Friday Night

    Should have gone with Charlotte instead of the total.
  13. EE Sam

    NCAA Friday Night

    A few plays tonight: Virginia Tech +5.5 - like the Hokies home dog and NC lost their play makers from last season Over 60 Duke/Charlotte - Charlotte needs to score to put this over...i think both are rarin to go offensive Under 45.5 MSU/Northwestern - beer money
  14. EE Sam

    Thursday Night NCAA Week 1

    Nicely done!
  15. EE Sam

    Tour Championship

    Best of luck Havy!
  16. EE Sam

    NCAA Totals: If you had to bet the over...

    If you have to bet the over on only ONE of the following 5 teams win totals, who would you bet? Bowling Green 1.5 Louisiana-Monroe 1.5 Massachusetts 1.5 UNLV 1.5 Kansas 1.5
  17. EE Sam

    EveryEdge Pick 6 Contest 2021

    Everyedge Pick 6 Football Contest is back! If you are interested in joining the pool, please go to the following link to join: Everyedge Pick 6 Football Contest For this year, if you don't enter picks for a week, you will be automatically assigned favorites. Not sure what the prizes are this...
  18. EE Sam

    TW or Jake Paul Tonight

    good luck CC - woodley is tough, but i think he is a tomato can now. Askren is a tomato can. Jake Paul has a punch and i think he will give you a winner on your under 3 bet.
  19. EE Sam

    Pick 6 Contest

    Thanks CC and 1sob...will post on the details shortly.