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    Question on a trend

    I remember last year we had a thread that was pulled up from years ago mcduff maybe??? I cant recall 100% but the trend was when a team beats 2 teams in a row by DD you would bet against them the following week. Is that how the trend went and if so would Arizona be a play this Thursday against...
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    NFL Large 13 Point Teaser - Getting this in now!

    I don’t know what it is this year but I have been killing my local on 13 point teases. He has of course caped me now and lowered my limit. This this has been the best year of my life in the NFL and it’s all these 13 point teases I am doing. I usually don’t have time to post but this week I...
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    Ontario Pro Pools - Perfect Ticket

    Hi All: Just wanted to get some insights from the guys on whether you would hedge on the Monday night game. The crappy part is that I don't know how much the payout will be if Saints win tonight. If you all recall last year I had a perfect ticket and hedged like crazy and the payout was...
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    Large Play @ 3:30 TCU TTECH

    These 2 teams have been putting up a lot of points the last few games against some mediocre defenses. Now they both come in to today's game with 2 tough defenses. I can continue writing about this but I have a kid going crazy in the back of my car right now. This will be by far the largest...
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB/NBA 04.22.2012

    Sorry I have been really busy of late with the kids...was really rethinking the whole process because I dont know if I have the time anymore to put in the effort to handicap with 2 small kids...but I will try and post whenever I can. I will update my record later today. Redsox +1.5 --- 1* A's...
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB 04.15.2012

    Diamondbacks blow it in the 9th...was looking like a great day but the lose makes it an okay day with a small profit. Posting now as tomorrow will be very busy with the kids! Overall Performance Wins -12 Losses - 19 Dollars -$229.00 Reds +100 Cubs +166 Dbacks +106 Pads +200 Tigers +102...
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB 04.14.2012

    4 Games that lost in extra innings which could have made it a very profitable day had my teams won. Oh well...on to today! Overall Performance Wins 8 Losses 16 Dollars -$260.00 Cubs +173 Reds +101 Mets +146 Dbacks +127 Pads +128 Angels +115 Orioles +149 Tigers +106 INdians +121 Good...
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB 04.13.2012

    Overall Performance Wins - 5 Losses - 6 Dollars - $86.00 On to todays plays.. Angels +145 Will have a few later! Hopefully my birthday today (Friday The 13th!) gives me a little bit of luck and turns out to be a better day then yesterday Good Luck and May The Winners Be Ours!
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB 04.12.2012

    Overall Performance Wins - 5 Losses - 3 Dollars - $386.00 On to todays plays.. Tampa Bay Rays +111 Seattle Mariners +203 I may have 1 or 2 more later on Good Luck and May The Winners Be Ours!
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    Kdoggs Daily MLB 04.11.2012

    Alright guys I am going to give this a shot this year. I have been a long time follower and plan on posting this year. I will also post a record with W/L along with total dollars. It may be hard for me to post on weekends as I have a new born and a 2 year old but I will try and post the night...
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    Ontario Lottery Pro Pools PERFECT TICKET!

    I have a perfect pools ticket this week since I boxed the Monday Niter! Any idea on how much the payout will be? I already know 3 people that will be winners since this was such an easy week. I am thinking around 1k each winner but I dont know since it was such an easy week. Any Ideas????
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    NFL/NCAA Betting Trends Magazine

    Hi EE: I have a question for you all. Last year I received a magazine that was packed with stats for both NCAA and NFL. Each team had a page dedicated to stats and also had the top trend to bet with or against that certain team. The magazine was sent to me from Honestly this...
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    MLB Daily Under Saturday

    Record 4-0 Brewers Under 9. GLTA
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    MLB - Friday Daily Under

    Record 3-0 +3 units Indians Under 9 Be back later for the other games. GLTA
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    MLB - Thursday Daily Under

    Yesterday 1-0 didn't have to chase as the game went under. Would have hit if we did as Riviera closed them out. Today I am going to start with the under in the Dodgers game. Remember if it sails over the number we chase in the mid 8th or mid 9th. This game is on the live line on Pinny. If...
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    MLB - Wednesday Daily Under

    I am going to share a system I do in the MLB every year. This will not be for everyone as the juice can get high but it has returned profit year after year. Yesterday I made 500 on the live line under in the Yankees and Redsox game. Why did I pick that game when you have 2 power houses..I...
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    Aussie Mens Final Federer VS Murray

    We have a late night Tennis matchup tonight down under. I was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on why I should back Andy Murray in this one. I am getting Federer -160 on Pinny and really liking it...but it seems a lil fishy to me. A prop bet that I stuck out was... Federer vs...
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    Big Ben....

    is dressed and only means 1 thing he will come out if need be and give us the cover! I personally think the steelers are wining this tonight Big Ben in or not! Dixon will show the WORLD!!! So give me Steelers ML +300 to win $1000 Steelers +10.5 -164 to win $1000 10 PT Teaser to in $1000...
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    Belichick’s 4th down call: moron or genius?

    Got this from another source....but was quite interesting to read all the stats....Enjoy Bill Belichick is catching a ton of heat for going for it on 4th down late in last night’s game. New England owned a 6-point lead and had the ball 4th and 2 on their own 28-yard line with 2:08 on the clock...
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    Florida 2nd Half

    Just like the Texas game I think Florida makes adjustments. 3 turnovers in the redzone killed them! I will take a -6 game line! Florida -13 2nd Half 5 Units May The Winners Be Ours!