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  1. CanadianCoates

    Back to the Well Saturday

    2/7RR 1. Buffalo Sabres @ Detroit Red Wings (Regulation Time) Draw +336 Open 2. Edmonton Oilers @ Vegas Golden Knights (Regulation Time) Draw +338 Open 3. Ottawa Senators @ Los Angeles Kings (Regulation Time) Draw +336 Open 4. Columbus Blue Jackets @ St Louis Blues (Regulation Time) Draw...
  2. CanadianCoates

    TGIF Draws

    Havent been hitting them lately. But maybe today teams will be tired from yesterdays festivities. 2/7 RR draws OPEN CASH OUT ID: 1407024 1. NY Rangers @ Boston Bruins (Regulation Time) Draw +323 Open 2. Carolina Hurricanes @ Philadelphia Flyers (Regulation Time) Draw +314 Open 3. St...
  3. CanadianCoates

    Turkey Day Live Thread

    Big turnover there for Bear backers. Lions look awful
  4. CanadianCoates

    US Thanksgivin

    Lots to give thanks for even through the BS we're living through right now. Have a great holiday my American brothers and sisters. Teaser Lions +13' and over 31 with Boys Raiders over 40'
  5. CanadianCoates

    Survivor Pool Input

    So I've made the final two. Need some help, tough week ahead
  6. CanadianCoates

    Sunday Pucks

    No bones yesterday. Expect a few today, lots on b2b 2/5RR draws Buff Chi TO Arz Cal
  7. CanadianCoates

    Sundays Teaser

    10pter today Titans pk Vikes +11 Hawks +7' KC +7' BoLA
  8. CanadianCoates

    Saturday Pucks

    2/6 RR draws Flames Habs Canes Wild Det Blues
  9. CanadianCoates

    TGIF Pucks

    Avs Crack under 6 Nucks ML
  10. CanadianCoates

    Thursday Plays

    2/4RR Knights Reg ML Draws Jets Rangers Stars
  11. CanadianCoates

    Hump Day Pucks

    Hawks Caps ML
  12. CanadianCoates

    Soccer Canada Style Edmonton AB

    Threw some money down, should be entertaining. To watch.... Suppose to be -5 to -10C Half time draw FT Canada +450 Half draw FT draw +350 Bola
  13. CanadianCoates

    Wk 9 Tease

    Raiders +7 Pats 6' Niners +7 Steelers +3' 2/3 RR Texans ML good odds for two trainwrecks KC ML lots of Love on Love. He'll light it up or get lit. Betting on Lit. Niners ML at home, Cards banged up a bit. BoLA
  14. CanadianCoates

    2/5 RR Draws

    Isles Fly TB CAPS Flames Lafs
  15. CanadianCoates

    Monday Pucks

    2/3 RR Bolts draw SENS ML Oil PL
  16. CanadianCoates

    Sunday Tease

    Still have two alive in a big LMS pool. Teaser for today Pitt +13' Atlanta +7 Titans +12' Pats +15'
  17. CanadianCoates

    Tuesday Pucks

    Hate Monday betting. Tonight all 7 to draw. 2/7RR 21 tickets. Tie u mofos
  18. CanadianCoates

    Monday Pucks

    Junk day in football. Back to pucks 2/5RR Yotes Leafs Caps Bolts Flames draw
  19. CanadianCoates

    Sunday NFL

    Made some solid coin last night in the pucks. Going with a 2/6RR today. Games across the day for action. Mia ML Car ML Balty -6' Tenn +4' Philly ML Saints ML BOLA
  20. CanadianCoates

    Interesting Read

    Buddy sent me this. Crazy Covid strikes mere months later...Coincidence?