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  1. J

    comeback to even

    cleveland +31/2 pats -61/2 eagles money line jags atl under46 good luck all
  2. J

    monday picks

    5for 5 crawling out slowly won alot of money via tom but tonite and with the things are falling taking giants play hard all the time take the points and run too the bank take care
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    sundays picks

    wash +31/2 indy +71/2 miami money line chikago +6 k/c -21/2 good luck pats are lookin goood
  4. J

    doggies entice me

    falcons +8 lions +6 SAINTS +3 PATS MONEY LINE
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    winning day

    let the bells ring and banners blow like the steelers small and the under after yesterday wanted too nail the broncs but let my kid talk me out of learned another lesson don't listen too your kid if hes a billy goat fan took the titans and rubbed it in hard good luck all
  6. J

    week 9 ?

    lots of questions out there this week packers + 71/2 sfran -3 ne money line lightning bolts -11/2 good luck all
  7. J

    first winning week going for two

    jags lions bengals new eng over love my cats today off to kelowna my kids last game of the year go broncos
  8. J

    also want to bark loud

    cinci +6 tenn + 41/2 wash +71/2 bears +121/2 ruff ruff hope I don't jinx anyone am having tough start big finish coming good luck all and good day go pats
  9. J

    urban should be fired win lose or draw

    picks chargers seadogs lions houston over good luck all
  10. J

    winning week ?

    g men miami det ny jetters goota run happy world mental health day to all take care be kind lots in need
  11. J

    week 4

    4 games det -3 cle -2 sf money line ne +7 no one remembers that bill has a few titles also maybe one more than tom tough game for me pats fan since 1975
  12. J

    week 3

    pats pack rams
  13. J

    sun week 2

    1-2 last week 1-5 every edge pats money line arizona -31/2 chargers -3 panthers -3 good luck all
  14. J

    week 1

    pats money line browns +6 jags -21/2 goof luck
  15. J

    sunday nhl

    canucks need it to stay in it
  16. J

    super bowl 55

    tampa plus 31/2 all i got
  17. J

    semi finals

    doggin it here really like what rodgers is doing but 31/2 is too much mahones isnt healthy buffalo is close too canada so lets go buffallo
  18. J

    nfl playoffs

    bought the hook taking the rams and their d ravens running game too much for bills cleveland + 10 brian sipe and boys keep it close gotta run with tom and the points bucs +3 good luck all
  19. J

    sunday jan 10

    three wins 2 pushes yesterday watch out baltimore _ 3 plus over xavier over 138 bears +10.5 good luck happy birthday to me lets rock today go brownies go
  20. J

    weekend football playoff style

    buff indy over took indy +7 washingtom +8 over also rams + 31/2 without goth wood be awsome good luck all