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    Week 11

    On that Car under BB. GL Pb
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    NFL weather

    playing these both. thanks for the heads up ohara Pb
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    Early play (NCAA)

    Looks like it's held pretty steady at 15 all week. Let's go!
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    Early play (NCAA)

    Actually played this Sunday afternoon, but same line available. OM+15 5* - Just too many points here IMO. I know the game is in Tuscaloosa and maybe the first 'real' test for the Rebels. However, this is the most prolific offense in the country and the Bama defense has not overly impressed me...
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    NFL early. 7 pack

    4* each CAR+3 HOU+14 (-120) O46' (PIT) MIA+3 Teaser CIN+8/LAR+2 DEN-6 O45 (DEN) GLTA. Pb
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    9 College plays

    2* Each Teaser VT+8/KSU+7' PUR+7' BAMA-15 MEM+3 NW-2' SC+31' PN ST-5 OM-14 (-120) BYU+3 GLTA. Pb
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    Opening day...finally!

    Split out for the afternoon games. Let's try this for tonight. I'll just stick with the 4* plays...keep it consistent for the day. LAR-8 U46 (LAR) GLTA. Pb
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    NFL today

    GL poizin. Pb
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    NFL Sunday

    Easy winner on Carolina :ROFLMAO: I'll take it! GL on the broncos. I'm with you there. Pb
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    NFL Week 1

    Detroit! Never in doubt :ROFLMAO: Nice job Scotte!
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    Week 1

    GL today og. Hawks looked good to me today 👀
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    SNF 2 pick parley

    GL IP. Pb
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    Opening day...finally!

    Adding... More BIG plays - 4* each KC-5' MIA+4 (-120) DEN-3 GB-3 (-120) GLTA! Pb
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    Opening day...finally!

    Thanks guys! Let's get it!
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    Opening day...finally!

    Been a long offseason. Almost couldn't even get into football last year. I'm excited for this year! LET'S GO! Five plays to start it off right this fine opening day! BIG plays - 4* each CAR-3 (-120) - *edit-this was on 3' rather than 4 so i bought it down to 3...still like it at 4 too ARZ+3...
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    NFL Thirsty Thursday

    Hello again everyone. Hope everyone has a great year. 2* each tb-9 U52.5 GL Pb.
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    EveryEdge Pick 6 Contest 2021

    Thanks Sam. I'm in this year.
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    NFL plays today

    I like 2 teasers and a total early today. Had a chance to get on here early enough today, so I thought I would share. MIA-4'/TEN+1' 1* LV-2/NO+3 1* U53 (TEN) 1* BOL everyone. Pb