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    Early play (NCAA)

    Actually played this Sunday afternoon, but same line available. OM+15 5* - Just too many points here IMO. I know the game is in Tuscaloosa and maybe the first 'real' test for the Rebels. However, this is the most prolific offense in the country and the Bama defense has not overly impressed me...
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    NFL early. 7 pack

    4* each CAR+3 HOU+14 (-120) O46' (PIT) MIA+3 Teaser CIN+8/LAR+2 DEN-6 O45 (DEN) GLTA. Pb
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    9 College plays

    2* Each Teaser VT+8/KSU+7' PUR+7' BAMA-15 MEM+3 NW-2' SC+31' PN ST-5 OM-14 (-120) BYU+3 GLTA. Pb
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    Opening day...finally!

    Been a long offseason. Almost couldn't even get into football last year. I'm excited for this year! LET'S GO! Five plays to start it off right this fine opening day! BIG plays - 4* each CAR-3 (-120) - *edit-this was on 3' rather than 4 so i bought it down to 3...still like it at 4 too ARZ+3...
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    NFL Thirsty Thursday

    Hello again everyone. Hope everyone has a great year. 2* each tb-9 U52.5 GL Pb.
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    NFL plays today

    I like 2 teasers and a total early today. Had a chance to get on here early enough today, so I thought I would share. MIA-4'/TEN+1' 1* LV-2/NO+3 1* U53 (TEN) 1* BOL everyone. Pb
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    NCAA Saturday plays

    Early games: FLA-6 2* O41 (VAN) 1* O74' (OKL) 2* Maybe back with more later. GLTA Pb✌
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    Den-pk 1* U41' 1* GL everyone. Pb
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    NFL big card

    Hi everyone. I have quite a few for today. CHI+3 1* MIN+3 1* PHI-5' 1* IND-11 1* DEN+6 2* ARZ-5' 2* SEA-5' 2* GB+3 3* BOL everyone! Enjoy the game and this beautiful Sunday! Let's make some 💰 Pb
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    SEC football! FINALLY!

    No all SEC plays, but i'm stoked nonetheless. A dozen plays for me today...1* each ;)😁🤞 OM+14 O60 (OM) AUB-7 TUL-3 OKST-7 O71 (TX) LSU-16' ARMY+13 GA-28' BAMA-30 MIA-10 SC+4 BOL everyone! 💰 Pb
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    MNF play

    Hi everyone. Been a minute...hope everyone is doing well and dodging the Rona! DEN+3 1* BOL everyone. Pb
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    NFL plays

    5 totals early 1* each O46' (BAL) O48 (NYG) U43' (MIA) U46' (OAK) O54' (KC) BOL. Pb
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    couple of totals today

    1* each O60 (Clem) O47 (Vir) GL. Pb
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    3 totals early

    last minute o52 (kc) u48 (ind) u43.5 (oak) BOL everyone. Pb
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    NCAA tourney - hedge question

    I have a futures play on TXTCH to win the National Champtionship on a $25 ticket to win $650. Should I make a hedge play or just let it ride? ML is about (-125) right now on UVA. If so, how much makes sense? Appreciate the input. Pb
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    NFL Sunday

    Playing O48' (PIT) 2* Maybe more later. BOL everyone. Pb
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    Here we go...NFL Sunday

    Hit all 3 BIG plays LW to go 5-2 +14.8* Lots of action today. Let's start with 6 small plays. 1* Each NE-2 PHI-5 MIA+3 NYJ+3 HOU+4 IND-7 Back with more in a bit. BOL everyone. Pb
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    Evening 5* play

    KC+4 1* O59' 5* - This one should get crazy in Foxboro tonight. Shootout...KC outright?...keep it within a FG anyway. SCORE YOU BASTARDS! BOL everyone. Pb
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    3 totals on the early games

    O47 (CLE) 1* O44' (WAS) 1* O49' (CIN) 2* BOL today everyone. Pb
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    2 5* NCAA plays for tonight

    I haven't played much this season...lack of time mostly. I like 2 MAXX plays tonight. ISU+5 5* - WVU almost quit last week. ISU is playing with home. I think the Cyclones win outright here, but will gladly take 5. O65 (OM/ARK) 5* - It's going to rain like crazy. These teams can...