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    Totally stoked

    So much agree with you guys. That’s why I took a time out. Buffalo just needs a win
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    Totally stoked

    True Lid. But I have a fluffy cow to keep me warm
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    Totally stoked

    Tipping the crappers. Warden is SOL hahaha
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    RhodyJoe's Plays of the Day foe December 6th

    Sorry Rhody but I see 10-1 tonight ;):p:giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle: Go Bills but NBL dude............
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    Monday Picks

    GL Ice.
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    Mon nfl

    Be sure to go by Pinto Ron's over by the fieldhouse Poizin
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    GL tonight Scotte
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    MNF Play

    GL Coach
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    Totally stoked

    OK. I think I am going to sit out tonight, as far as a wager, but will bore you all with my thoughts................. Weather is a typical Dec night in Orchard Park. Cold, snow and wind gusts to 40+. If I was gonna make a play, I would go Buf -3 (2-3*) and Over (1-2*) 40. Now I know you ask why...
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    Tell your Best Bills/NFL tailgate story

    Surprised you did CC :oops:. So many memories from that place for ole OPB (Orchard Park Boy). We usually would set up the tail gate in Lot 3, under the teletron, or across US 20 at the Red Carpet Inn. Still have a huge group of Fredonia friends who have standing rooms at RCI, mostly so the...
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    MNF Props

    Put Beasley and Knox on the fantasy roster CC
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    Totally stoked

    Just got home from the VA and am so stoked for tonight’s game!!!!!!!’ Perfect Buf weather. Welcome to the real (cold and windy)world Jones LOL. Let me do some homework and back soon. Beef on Wyck is rolling and gotta grill wings in the snow and wind here in MI. GO BILLS
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    Sun plays

    LV -2 -3* SF -3 - 2* Bal/ Pitt over 44 - 3*. Watch Pitt come out fighting now that Ben has said he’s done at end of year.
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    On the lions too Scotte. They may win SU
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    nfl sunday

    GL bases. TB certainly can score on any given day
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    Sun Dec 5

    GL to us both Ice
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    Week 13 NFL

    GL today SSB. On a few of these too
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    I like it OB. GL
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    Week 13

    GL today Og
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    NFL Sunday

    GL today Neil