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    Totally stoked

    Just got home from the VA and am so stoked for tonight’s game!!!!!!!’ Perfect Buf weather. Welcome to the real (cold and windy)world Jones LOL. Let me do some homework and back soon. Beef on Wyck is rolling and gotta grill wings in the snow and wind here in MI. GO BILLS
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    Sun plays

    Late night push got +3* last night. Cin -3 and under 50 - 2* ea Det +7 - 1*
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    Sat Champ games

    Gave back 2 starts last night. WMU did not even show up. Running hard as we have folks coming over for games Kent/ NIU under 76 - 1* Bay /OSU over 46 - 4*.
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    Fri Champ weekend plays

    Took 3* to the Wardens Christmas fund last night with a sweep on Dal and under. Thanks to Alberto for the under lean as I was debating the over when it dropped from 48.5 to 46, but hung strong when I saw the tequila was running low...................on to tonight's games Conf USA Champ game WKU...
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    Thus nighter

    Took a +6 stars away from last week to Build the wardens Christmas slush fund. Tonight is a bit tricky. Since line is at 46 makes it a bit tougher, but I still like the under here. NO is struggling so better play is Dal IMO. Let’s spend some of the wardens dough….,,..,, Dal-6.5 - 2* under46 -1*
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    Mon niter

    Looking at tonight’s game, I feel the Hawks are in a good bounce back spot here. Trends would lead you to WFT after pocketing the last 2 while the hawks are in a big skid. But that skid also had 3 games without their leader both on the field and in the locker room. From - “Carroll’s...
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    Sun nite

    Travel day so could not post while driving. Tonight I think we get a solid performance by the Ravens at home in PT Bal -3 -4* under 47 - 1* GLTA
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    Black Fri plays

    Headed out soon to WNY. Big win for the Bills last night but failed to cover the over. Boy, Seizmen is still bad..................... EMU +9 - 2* This is a rival game here in S Mi and the Eagles have been playing pretty solid this season. Both teams at 7-4 and this one is pretty well matched...
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    Interesting no thoughts on NCAAF?

    hmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe this is an omen for me to stay away from the kids plays today? Thoughts at all out there?
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    Turkey day

    Happy Thanksgiving to the extended EE family. Watching the boss lady cooking and making us bloody marys for the first game. I went with Under 41 Chi/Det to start. As for CC survivor pool, I think Buf is the right way to go with all the injuries in Nola. Bills have yet to loose in 2021 back to...
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    Tues niters

    Went this route tonight NIU +6 -4* ballSt -6 and under 60 1* ea
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    Week 11

    Been a bit of a downward swing the last week, so lurking and tailing since I could not cap an empty beer bottle last few days......................sorry to anyone who followed most of us into the MSU abyss............ all plays for a single * SF/Jax under 46.5 SF -6.5 Chi +6 WFT/Car under 43...
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    Sat week 12 early

    Running late................... Okla -3 - 1* MSU +19 - 2* BC -1.5 - 4*
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    MACtion rd 3

    Split the pros last night but was a small wager as I had doubts about that game. Congrats to the brave few who held onto SF and cashed. Also great to see an old friend check in on my post. Sure do miss you posting up Jason and thanks for the nod. Now onto Mac play 4-4 over the last 2 weeks of...
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    Mon niter

    +7 yesterday in a below the radar day. After the total MAC bust it needed to be on the down low LAR -3.5 and unda 50.5. 1* ea Take it slow and keep the $$ in the bank right now. GLTA
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    week 10 Felons

    NE -2.5 - 2* Atl +8 and Over 55 - 2* ea. Det +5.5 -1* Min/LAC under 53.5 - 2* Sea/GB under 49.5 - 2* Tailing da coach
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    Week 11 Kiddies

    Early plays Okla -4 - 2* Mich -2 - 3* WVa/KSU over 46 - 1*
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    2nd round of MACtion

    Started off the mid-week MAC games with a 4-1 record last week. Too bad I couldn't sustain that all week long :poop:, but lets keep channeling the inner RG and see if we can hold up for round 2................ Three games in MACtion tonight so let's get to it. Been going thru some old data...
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    Week 9 Felons

    Man this week does not have a ton that sticks out to me. But here is what I like. Treading ease today to preserve the bankroll................... Balt -6 - 3* Clev +2 - 1* Den/Dal under 50 - 1* LAC -1 - 2* GB +7 - 1* LAR -7 - 1* GLTA
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    sat early

    In a Percocet induced state last night I learned 2 things.............VT has become dismal and don't bet against the Utes right now as they are hitting on all 8 cylinders........... AF -2.5 - 4* Kan/KSt under 56 - 2* May tickle Liberty but its dropping fast and I missed the +10