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  1. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Championship Saturday

    Want to get this posted before the game starts. I’ll be back shortly with my other plays. San Diego St-6 2** Over 49.5 1*
  2. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 12.

    The kids killed me yesterday. Couldn’t get anything going. 3 early plays today. Pittsburgh+10.5 2** New York Giants+11 under 45 Philadelphia 2** under 45.5 Atlanta 2** Bol everyone. Back later on.
  3. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Saturday

    Went 2-1 on Thanksgiving. Up 1.6 units going into today. Here are a few early plays. OHIO St-7 2** Over 55 Georgia 1* Florida St+3 1*
  4. GuardDawg30

    Thanksgiving Day Plays

    I want to wish all of my fellow American's a Happy Thanksgiving today and the best of luck to all of them...Little pressed for time as I am cooking dinner and awaiting the arrival of the family for dinner...I am just going to post all of my plays at one time....I have been on a slide the last...
  5. GuardDawg30

    NFL Sunday

    I forgot that I am not 25 anymore and drank entirely wayyyyyyyy to much Kettle One last night...I haven't had a hang over like this in years, but it was definitely worth Tennessee-3 2** Buffalo PK Green Bay-1 2** Under 47.5 Green Bay 1* Now back to the couch and resume...
  6. GuardDawg30


    2-2 yesterday down a half unit. One play tonight Rams-3.5 3***
  7. GuardDawg30

    NFL WEEK 10

    First and fore most we are going to pretend last week didn't happen...That was by far one of my worst weeks in years....I should of just faded myself and I would of had a monster week LOL...Two early plays Cleveland+9 3*** Tampa Bay-2.5 Over 55 Dallas 2** BOL today to everyone...Back later on
  8. GuardDawg30

    NFL Monday Night

    As I am typing this I am still spitting my teeth out because I got kicked in them yesterday....It was just one of those days and one of my worst in a long time..We have all bee there at least once or think 7 is too many for Pittsburgh to lay tonight, but they could get a backdoor...
  9. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 9

    Down 2 units going into today as the under run on Thursday night games came to an end....3 early plays today: Dallas-3 2** Baltimore pk Buffalo-14.5 2** Over 50.5 Baltimore 1* As always BOL and back later on
  10. GuardDawg30

    Thursday Night NFL

    I haven’t posted much this year for the Thursday night games. I haven’t had much extra time during the week lately. Life has been hectic. Finished last week 4-2-1 up 3 units and some change. I have been riding the unders on Thursday’s. I posted in Lids thread earlier that the under is 6-0 in the...
  11. GuardDawg30

    Week 8 MNF

    I went 3-2-1 yesterday up a unit and some change..I am staying away from playing a side tonight...In a perfect world Kansas City should destroy the injury plagued Giants...These are always the games that scare the hell out of me...As bad as the Giants are KC isn't playing much better...Their...
  12. GuardDawg30

    NFL Sunday Halloween Edition

    I took a week off last week...The boss and I decided to go away for the weekend for a much needed break...3 plays for the early slate today..One straight, one teaser and one total... Buffalo-15 🎃 Under 43 Cleveland 🎃🎃 Detroit+10 🎃🎃 Cincinnatti-5 BOL to everyone today....Back later on
  13. GuardDawg30

    NFL Thursday

    I was going back and forth on the total and a side tonight...There are so many injuries for both teams and key players out...I think we may see Cleveland throw the ball a lot more tonight..With Chubb and Hunt out of tonight's game I can see Cleveland letting Case Keenum throw the ball around to...
  14. GuardDawg30

    MNF Week 6

    I hope I’m not the kiss of death after yesterday, but save me a seat on the bus. You know the old saying when in Rome do as the Romans… Buffalo-6 2** Over 53.5 2**
  15. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 6

    BYU bit me in the backside for the second week in a row....Starting the day up 2.6 units....3 early plays...2 totals and a teaser... Chargers+10 2** Rams-1 Over 44.5 Indy 2** Under 45.5 Minnesota 1* I wasn't going to play the teaser at first, but I will take the Chargers getting that...
  16. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Saturday

    Cincinnatti-21.5 2** Over 56 Cincinnatti 2** I really didn't like much for the early games this week..This is the one game that I really do like...Cincinnati is 5-1 ATS in their last 6...5-2 in their last 7 ATS in conference games and 5-2 as a home favorite..As for the over it is 4-1 in UCF's...
  17. GuardDawg30

    Monday Night

    Don’t really love a side tonight. over 46.5 Baltimore 2**
  18. GuardDawg30

    NFL Week 5

    BYU proved you can't turn the ball over 4 times and have 10 penalties and expect to win a game...First off Happy Thanksgiving to our friends up North...I hope you guys all have a great day...I have a lot going on this afternoon so I am going to post my afternoon games and late games now...If I...
  19. GuardDawg30

    NCAA Saturday

    God awful week last week losing 7 units...Looking to get back on the right track this week...I don't love a lot today...Going with one early play today Over 64.5 Oklahoma 2** Looking at Sparty also...May add a little play on that game...Will post if I do...BOL today and back later on...
  20. GuardDawg30

    Week 4 Monday Night

    Ugly day yesterday...The Saints gave one away, I am pretty sure the Rams forgot they had a game, and I should of stuck with my gut last night and took the under instead of taking the bait with the Bucs...Today is a new day hopefully with a different result...Down 3 and some juice going into...