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  1. Seymour24


    Ohio St. -6.5 I don't see this being close but that just makes me think it might...going with my first instinct Florida St. +3.5 The Seminole D should come up with enough plays Going to be a fun day of football! Good luck all
  2. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday

    New Orleans Saints +4 Like this to be a close one... Good luck all!
  3. Seymour24

    NFL Sunday

    Baltimore/LAC O51 Good luck all!
  4. Seymour24


    Wisconsin ML -120 Wake Forest -7 Ole Miss/Alabama U80 Oregon -8 Going to be at a beer festival all afternoon! Party on! Good luck all!
  5. Seymour24


    A couple for swimming coming up shortly... Masse Womens 100 back +400 Hwang Mens 200 free +900 In what should be some tight races, taking some shots at swimmers with better odds. Good luck.
  6. Seymour24

    UFC 264

    For some fun making some plays in the UFC... Dustin Poirier -125...McGregor won one fight in the last 4.5 years and I don't like him... Tuivasa by KO/TKO +150...don't think Hardy can last with him Chime in if you have a play and good luck all!
  7. Seymour24

    NHL Saturday

    TB/NYI O5 Good luck!
  8. Seymour24

    MLB Sunday

    Twins/A's O8.5 Happy Sunday! Good luck all!
  9. Seymour24

    NHL Wednesday

    Have posted hockey in a while...been a bit inconsistent lately... Wash/NYR O6 Good luck all!
  10. Seymour24

    MLB Monday

    Washington -105 Good luck all!
  11. Seymour24

    MLB Sunday

    Got the win yesterday... Houston/Seattle O9 Good luck all!
  12. Seymour24

    NHL Sat

    Wash/Phi O6.5 Good luck all!
  13. Seymour24

    MLB Saturday

    Tampa Bay -110 Good luck all!
  14. Seymour24

    NHL Monday

    I like this play tonight so take that for what it's worth... Coyotes/Avs O5.5 Good luck all!
  15. Seymour24

    NCAA Final

    Been an entertaining tourney and happy these teams are playing for the championship as they've been the best all year long. One of the best things about the end of the Zags UCLA game was how the last 57 seconds of the game went straight through without any stoppages. Makes it easy to replay...
  16. Seymour24

    NHL Monday

    Lost the last play, for tonight... Edmonton +115 Going with the road underdog...the Oilers 8 wins last 11 in Montreal, underdog 17 of 22 in the series. Good luck all!
  17. Seymour24

    NCAA Final Four

    Already got the Zags at -13.5 Watch the Pac 12 a lot and would never have thought that UCLA would be here. They had lost 4 straight including their opening conference tourney game, where they blew a 10 point half time lead! They've been scrappy, done a lot of little things well and shot the ball...
  18. Seymour24

    NHL Friday

    Last over play....over by 8 minutes of the first period lol! For some action... Edmonton/Calgary O6 -7 of last 9 in the series over this number Good luck all!
  19. Seymour24

    MLB Opening Day

    Early season, going to play small... Milwaukee -110 Cincinnati -118 Good luck all!
  20. Seymour24

    NHL Wednesday

    Vancouver +105 Arizona/Colorado O5.5 Good luck all!