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    Sat ncaaf

    2-2 last weekend for -.6 units 6-4 +5.4 ytd Pitt-14 ND-7 bought half pt on both UCLA-11 Okla-22.5 3 units each play GL!!
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    sat ncaaf

    2-0 ytd +6 units Virg-10.5 Ok st-12.5 Kentucky-5.5 USC-17 all 3 units each GL!!
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    Fri ncaaf

    1-0 +3 units Wake Forest-31.5 3 units gl!
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    thurs ncaaf

    NC State-19 3 units gl!!
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    Kentucky Derby Day thread Races 6-12?? punters out there
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    March madness tuesday

    Gonzaga -8-120 Michigan-6-120 Both strong plays for me ! GL!!
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    sat MMadness

    2-2 yesterday Kansas -10.5 Tex S+25.5 Texas -8 Iona+16.5 GL!!
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    march madness

    Wisconsin+1.5 Colgate+9 Illinois-22.5 Tenn-8.5 GL and lets have a great madness!!!!
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    thurs ncaab

    Took a few days of as I seemed to be in a rut so hopefully things have straightened ou Cin-6.5 Weber st-10 Mich-12 3 units each GL!!
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    sat bball

    1-3 yesterday 8-11 this week Mississippi-7-120 N Mex St-9 Albany-3.5 Belmont-5 Furman-2 3 units each GL! and have a great weekend!
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    Fri ncaab

    3-2 last night 7-8 for the week Montana st-12- Rio Grande Valley+2.5 LB State+6 Bryant-6 3 units each lets have a great day!!
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    thurs kids ball

    Well I guess I was due. now to turn it around again all for 3 units Hous-11 Belmont-7.5 IPFW+5.5 E Ill-5 Bryant-5.5 GL!
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    wed ncaab

    3-0 yesterday 4-1 this week Duquesne-4 SUtah-12 Bos U-9 S Car+6 Ala+2 3 units each GL!!
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    ncaab tues

    went 1-1 yesterday down the juice today GTech+3.5 Iowa St+23 Fla-2 Prairie View-16 All 3 unit plays GL! Fyi a 3 unit play for me is a strong play I usually don't post my smaller plays
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    Mon Ncaab

    3-1 yesterday finally had a winning weekend for some reason I usually do worse sat-sun 11-5 for a good week Hope to keep it going Morehead st-11.5 Texas st -3 3 units each GL!!
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    Sun Ncaab

    3-3-1 yesterday 11-5-1 this week to finish here is what i have 3 units each CCarolina-6.5 Ark LR-3-120 Bos U+11 Navy-5.5 GL and have a great day!
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    Sat ncaab

    4-0 yesterday 8-2 this week early games Ind-6 UCF-1.5 3 units each GL! back later
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    Fri ncaab

    2-1 yesterday 4-2 for the week Akron-4-120 UAB-6.5 Gr Canyon-9 Campbell-4 3 units each GL!!
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    thurs kids ball

    2-1 yesterday Bradley -2.5 Ptld St-12 Vermont-4 line has moved to 5 3 units each GL!!
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    wed bball kids

    Iona-6.5 Ind st-6.5 Sacred Heart-3 3 units each GL!