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    MLB Sunday

    On it with you brother! NBL!
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    MLB Saturday

    I hear you, it was right on the border as i usually stay below -150 when i play faves!
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    MLB Saturday

    Tailing brother, but on both moneylines. Thanks!
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    MLB Handicappers

    You too brother! Congrats on the sweep!!
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    MLB Handicappers

    Thanks for the plays guys. I am on Cubbies plus 1.5 at even money for 1 unit, under 9.5 -125 for 1 unit and ml plus 175 for a half unit.
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    SAT FB

    Like em Scotty, tailing brother!
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    Thanks for the plays Scotte!! Played all MSU plays, as well as Canisius ml so padded my bankroll for the weekend!! Looking forward to your Nfl plays!!
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    NFL Week 14

    Great calls G!! Thanks for padding my bankroll! Would love to roll them bones in Vegas with you one day brother!!!
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    Turkey Trot NFL Week 12

    You are an absolute beauty G and a fantastic read!!!
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    Tailing Scotte! NBL brother!
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    Week 6

    Good luck OG!
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    Thx again Scotte, will ride with you!
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    No worries brother, lets get em back today!
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    NFL Week 6

    Good luck G and enjoy the game! Thx for the plays!
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    Happy 20th anniversary

    Miss the newsletter for sure, it got me in touch with Greg Dempson and here!! Thx Everyedge!!
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    Good luck Scotte! Tailing u on the Vols brother!!
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    Thanks for the unbelievable call on the Boilermakers Tin!!! You even convinced me to sprinkle a little on the plus 346 moneyline brother!!!
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    Week 5

    Great day OG!!!
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    Kids Football

    Good luck today 1sob!! On Nebraska and Rutgers with u, looking at Iowa!!
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    MLB Playoffs 2021

    Good luck today CC!! Tailing!