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    Week 3 NFL!

    Hi guys, hope you all have a great Sunday! My plays today; Steelers ml-149, WFT +7.5-120, LAC +7.5-120 and Pack +3.5-133. Also tailing Coach on Indy-Tenn over 46.5-110 and Garraund on his plays also. Thanks guys!
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    NFL Week 2

    Hey guys, hope everyone enjoyed week 1! After a dismal Saturday, I went 4 and 1 on my Sunday plays with the lone loss on the Broncos over by a pt. So up just under 3 units. For this week I played, Buffalo laying 3-138 and SF-Philly over 49-110, both for 2 unit plays. Also, Pitts-LV under 47.5-...
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    NFL week 1

    Happy Christmas morning everyone!!! Lol! Hoping to do a little better today than yesterday guys. All plays for 1 unit; Texans plus 3.5 -115, LAC plus 1.5 -110 and Carolina-4 -105 for the AM games. PM games; Denver over 41 -120 and Saints plus 4 -115. NBL gang! Phil
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    CFB Saturday

    Hey gang, I have a few plays for tmrw. Nebraska-UB over 54 minus 120 for 2 units, and a smaller play on UW plus 7 minus 125 for 1 unit. NBL!
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    MLB play for Fathers Day!

    First off, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! Second I want to thank all the great posters on here, been lurking and learning for 10 or 15 years now, so thanks guys. Last, a play, going back to the well with the Dodgers team total over 5.5 at -105. Good luck everybody!
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    MLB play tonight

    Really like Walker and the Dodgers to get the win tonight against the lowly D-Backs but too chalky at -230. So instead I am playing the Boys in blue team total over 5.5 at even money.
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    NFL Futures

    Hey guys, I dont really post but feel the need to give back for all the great plays and feedback posted on this site. I really like the Chargers to win over 8 and a half games this season, a little juicy at -175, but really like it. I feel like the Broncos are over valued this year and LAC is...