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    For the Cup game 5

    Another small win Wed +.5 as the Avs won ( luckily) but the totals disappointed. Tonight should be the final game for the Stanley Cup Played totals, Reg-No OT plays, ML's, series wagers and futures from .3* to 2* If I do nothing tonight and my Avs in 5 games future wins I will be +11.53* for...
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    For the Stanley Cup Game 4

    I was wrong on predicting a Colo sweep as the Lightning showed their championship backbone and coach put together a nice game plan. I'll skip all my reasons why.....and the Avs will now make adjustments. ( as did TB) I did win a small .3* Monday as the OVER plays did well. Hope there is a...
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    For the Stanley Cup part 2

    I just put two units on Colorado to sweep at +200 After watching two devastating performances by the Avs, I see nothing that will keep them from the Cup. Tampa Bay has talent and experience, but you cannot all of a sudden flip a switch and gain SPEED. Avs are just too fast and on every line...
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    For the Stanley Cup

    Recap after a real nice finish to rd 3 Rd 1 +9.2* Rd 2 -4.48* Rd 3 +7.51* Net +12.23 With my futures on SC Winners I have losers on Rangers, Minn and Calgary = -1.35* But alive and well TBay .5* +1100 Colorado 1.0* +300 If I do Nothing further, if TBay wins...
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    Stanley Cup Saturday

    Small winner with the under 5' on Thursday As mentioned before, have a T Bay series bet of 2.15* to win 1.61* Have no reason to wager anything on todays game and the under at -150 does not apeal to me If it goes to game 7 I will hedge part of my T Bay wager and still hope to see T Bay in the...
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    Stanley Cup Thursday

    Recapping: went 3-0 on Tuesday and Conf Champ plays are now +5.40* Since I have 2.0+* wager on T Bay to win series vs NYR, I am sitting and watching tonight, cheering for the Lightning. I do wonder why the Rangers with their fine home ice record are +105. Thats a trap if I ever seen one and it...
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    SC Tuesday

    2-0 + 2.0* last night and won .6* on Avs Series bet, Conf Champ Round is now 9-4 +2.9* For all the same reasons I posted for Sundays T Bay selection, I see the same for Tuesday. TBay showed their championship form and by outshooting NYR 52-30 while relentlessly forechecking, kept NYR from free...
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    SC Monday

    3-0 +3.0* yesterday and conf champ round now even at 6-4 +.30* Mentioned before that SC teams up 3-0 have a high percentage of sweeps. 2-0 so far in this yrs SC Tournament I'm playing Avs -125 (1.5*) Over 6' -140 (.5*) Only way Oilers win is by scoring a lot and desperation at end leads to...
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    SC Sunday

    1-1 -.5 yesterday This is it for T Bay. They win or get golf clubs out. Look for Vasilevskey to put forth a huge performance and T Bay to show their championship heart. Atleast thats what SHOULD happen although NYR have outplayed them greatly in fist two I'm Playing UNDER 5' -125 (1.5*) TBay...
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    SC Saturday

    TBay was outplayed in every facet of the game including in game coaching. They need to suck it up, take some energy pills and take game three on home ice So far NYR are just more energetic and quick 0-1 yesterday -2.60 Today, this obviously is the critical game for the Oilers. They should...
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    SC Friday

    Avs took care of business and where did all the goals hide. 1-1 +.85 Conf Champ. to date 2-2 +.40* Look for T Bay to knock of the rust and get serious to even the series. They are too good not to bounceback in game two TBay -135 ( 2*) NBL
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    SC Thursday

    0-1 -1.95* yesterday SC Conf Champ 1-1 -.45* Staying with the AVS Avs Reg No OT -140 (1.5*) Over 7 -130 (.5*) Breaking my rule after seeing the wide open affair on Tuesday....I dont think these two teams can play slow
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    SC Wednesday

    1-0 +1.5 last night in a really crazy game. Tonight should be low scoring and I'm sticking with my Tampa Bay boys to go to the finals. NYR can't have too much left in tank and TB plays defense, are rested and been here before. This first home ice for the Rangers is one they could take!!!!! I...
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    SC Conference finals

    My future bets made at start of SC as follows: I have the Avs to win SC .75* @ +300 I have TBay to win SC .33* @ +1100 (My losers are Minn and Calgary for a total of .85*) If both of these favorites advance to the Championship Series......I will be a very happy as I cannot lose and will be a...
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    SC Monday

    Had Rangers in game six for 1-0 +1* , Rd 2 season to date 14-15 -5.35* Since my terrible two days going 0-8 have now gone 12-5 +5.15 I have Rangers in a series bet .5* +175, so no additional plays tonight So I will sit tight and lets see a good game 7 Any Idea on totals out there???? NBL
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    SC Rd 2 Sat

    Gambling gods gave one back as Avs scored in REG with only 4 sec left to give me a W 1-0 +1.0*; 13-15 -6.35 for the second rd I dont know how you can not pick the Rangers in such a home ice series NYR -120 (1*) NBL
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    SC Rd 2 Friday

    Worked out well last night 3-1 +2.85 The buy back with Edmonton and hitting both totals offset my 1.95* loss on Calgary for the series for a net of + ..90 which also offsets my Stanley cup futures on Calgary (only.5*) and will come off the books later Current Rd 2 to date is 12-15 -7.35...
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    SC Rd 2 Thurday

    That was ridiculous Felt pretty good when Av's up 3-0, Felt Okay when 4-3 with 2 mins left, a neg feeling when two chances for EN goal didnt work, then saw night turn bad when late goal took it to OT. Got the OVER...hooray so 1-1 -1.85 Rd 2 to date 9-13 -7.40 Tonight Contrarian pick with...
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    Stanley Cup Wednesday

    As most of us know the Stanley Cup Tournament is very different from the regular season and certain matchups in the playoffs are favorable to some of the teams and some are not Three I have witnessed Florida is NOT a playoff type team and could NOT matchp with the experience and defense of the...
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    SC Rd 2 Tuesday

    Another good night yesterday and glad to be back in the black for the entire SC so far 2-0 +2.5* and cashed my TB Sereis Bet +1.40*for totla of +3.9* and SC Rd 2 is 7-11 -5.30* NYR at home vs a team they know they can beat, who hasnt showed any road wins yet and NYR has the better goalie NYR...