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    Philly -3.5

    Tough to take a road fav in the playoffs but philly can do the one thing that Warner hates and that's pocket presure. Warner was not sacked the last time they met but was picked 3 times. Jim Johnson is the master of defensive schemes and Fitz won't go off today like he did in Carolina. Zona...
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    Indy 4*

    I will take the MVP in this game, mainly because i don't believe SD is very good team. This line is a pick because SD ran the table... wins against 4 non-playoff teams including a late comeback against powerhouse KC?? SD has not beat a team all year that are in the playoffs and they played in by...
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    Indy 4*

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    Nyg +7

    The Giants may not have anything to play for but with two weeks off, do you trust that Coughlin is going to sit his players and just roll over? He didn't last year in what was by far a more meaningless game and we know what happened there. Besides Tuck's injury, the pass rush will still be...
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    Minny +3

    I feel the better team is minny here and will be a much better offence with Ferotte at QB. They can strach the field thus make their bread and butter running game more effective. Fisher is a great coach and i hate to bet against him but i see a live dog here. Play Minny 3 units
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    2nd Half

    3rd QTR Over 9.5 for 3 units. Cowboys are controlling the O-line and Barber will continue to put up big yards and TO won't go quiet all night.
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    Cowboys on MNF

    I like the Cowboys and feel I may be on the house side tonight. Dallas doesn't have a weakness and McNabb will be on the run all night with Ware all over him. Philly won't have a reciever go off for 100yds on them and the secret to beating Philly is to contain Westbrook to minimal yardage and no...
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    TBay -7

    Back at it. Took week 1 off and think I found one for week 2. Atl who was a home dog against Det, is now only getting 7 in Tbay. The Tbay D will be way too much for Ryan to handle. Tbay will shut the run down game and force Ryan to put it up. Feel the spread would be double digits if Atl lost...
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    I know this post is late but just noticed Det is the dog on Proline at 1.8, Datz is 1.8 and Zett is 1.7...if you like Det tonight, throw in a ball game, pretty good value. You got 45 min
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    Houston +1

    The Jazz dont travel well and playing on the road in the playoffs is tougher then the reg season as the crowds become more involved. Not big on the rockets but the Jazz are a totally different team away from their comfy home. 2 units on the rockets .... -1 yes..sorry
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    Going to play this while I can get the line. I can see a 2-1 OT final here. NYR play so defensive on the road and that is the only way NJ can have a chance to win. Good luck as always Under 5 for 3 units
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    Sj -130

    Sharks are a great road team and home ice only means something in the first 5 min of a game. IMO 130 is not a bad line at all. 3units of the Sharks
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    Grand Salami

    Both nights the Salami has gone under and its a trend that could continue with the first round match-ups. Wash/Philly and Pit/Ott should be high scoring but all the other match-ups are so tight checking. The beauty about betting the Salami is it seems there is always a 2-0, 2-1 game in a night...
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    Ana -120

    ....why post incorrect info??? sorry boys Ducks for 4 units
  15. J

    Phx/Den 2nd Half

    With these two teams playing tomorrow night, Phx might pull the shoot if they cant get get close in the 3rd qtr. Play under 115 for 1 unit.
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    Gstate - SA

    The early line for this game is SA 8, 207. Gstate has scored over 100 pts in 37 straight games. If they score 100 tomorrow you cant lose both. I know SA plays great D, but Gstate only plays one way. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  17. J

    Phoenix +7

    Phoenix getting a lot of points for a team who has far much more to play for this time of year. I dont see any injuries posted and cant figure why the line is moving in this direction but i will take the 7. Im not even looking at Bos last game as it was their first game home after a long trip...
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    Akron/Umass over

    ...Starting my Sat with some NIT action......Going to play the over at 148 and 69.5 for the half. Umass loves to play the up-tempo style and Akron when given a chance, have had success with a 15-2 record when scoring 70+ pts, so im sure they wont mind pushing the ball. Umass loves to push the...
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    Usc -3

    Playing USC against a team that doesnt fair well away from their comfy home court. Kstate is a combined 5-9 away from home and 1-6 in their last 7. Teams that cant play on the road cant win. As i post this, i see a mirror image team to kstate, that being Baylor and so far they are getting run...
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    NC 2nd half & Atlanta 1st half under

    Play NC -3 for 3 units Atl under 100.5 for 3 units