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    NHL Monday

    1-1 last post Mar 12......+0.65 42-62-3 -5.15 Shark Oil Over 7 +105 1*
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    MM Brackets
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    GL Brutus
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    NCAA Thursday

    BOL in the tourney Ohara
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    Thursday's MM

    Good luck!
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    Thurs marchmadness

    Good luck buddy
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    MM Brackets

    For fun, if anyone plays the free espn brackets, there was a group last year a few of us joined on espn, it still shows but with no members. its active so just look for everyedge and click join or rejoin, submit just one bracket for the group (you can pick up to 25) and see how we do
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    MM Brackets

    Same here........well if nothing shows up I could use cbs sports I used to do brackets for work on there. Let me know
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    NHL Sunday

    Lost again Wed 41-61-3 -5.80 Jets Light Over 6.5 EVEN 1* Preds PL +165 1*
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    CBB Friday

    Good luck!
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    College friday

    Thanks for that parlay Chan tailed it well done!
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    NHL Wednesday

    1-1 for zero 41-60-3 -4.55 Ducks Nucks Over 6.5 -125 1* Wanna pull trigger on Chicago too as wings have sucked bad all of a sudden and Chic riding high after shutting out the Sens. Looks too easy though as +200 plays go lol.......
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    NHL Tuesday

    0-1 Sunday 40-59-3 -4.55 VGK ML +135 1* Blues Yotes Over 6.5 -115 1*
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    NHL Sunday

    0-3 Thurs - 4.10 Was wayyyy off on Sabres....... Lets get back on track 40-58-3 -3.55 Wings Flyers Over 6 EVEN 1*
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    Thirstday Picks

    Youll be back on track in no time......
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    NHL Thursday

    Pushed Wed 40-55-3 +0.55 Sabres PL -105 2* Sabres ML +240 1* Habs ML +210 1*
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    NHL Wednesday

    Lost again Sunday 40-55-2 +0.55 Yotes Stars Over 6 +105 1*
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    NHL Sunday

    Weird loss last night as lost the Nucks PL at the end, BUT because of something Ill never see live again. Crappy game to watch, it looked like both teams werent trying very hard at all......but that made up for it, except for losing that bet 40-54-2 +1.60 Isles Jets Over 5.5 EVEN 1*
  19. og

    NHL Saturday

    1-0 +1.40 Fri 40-53-2 +2.60 Nucks PL -105 1* Going to this game but not playing it cuz of that......line looks fishy Bos PL only -115 thought it would be way juicier than that
  20. og

    Friday Picks

    Looks good IP!