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  1. Seymour24

    NHL Monday

    Nice work yesterday...was an entertaining game too
  2. Seymour24

    NCAA Sunday

  3. Seymour24

    NCAA Sunday

    LOL...did you see the end of the OK st/EWU game? It was 14 points, OK let the shot clock run out with10 sec left in the game, EWU walks it down not looking like they were going to shoot, camera goes to the coaches shaking hands as the EWU player put up the shot with a second left, makes it but...
  4. Seymour24

    March Madness

    Marquette ML/Gonzaga ML +146 Going to parlay these two, have them both in my final 4...both are well coached and looked good in the first round Good luck all!
  5. Seymour24

    NCAA Sunday

    Good luck today. Tailed your EWU pick and got Marquette also.
  6. Seymour24

    March Madness

    Pittsburgh +175 Going to take a shot at the dog who is playing well...Xavier did nothing to impress me Friday.
  7. Seymour24

    NCAA Hoops- saturday

    Good luck today Neil...looking at Duke also
  8. Seymour24

    March Madness

    Furman/SDST U138 Not sure Furman can score enough against the SDST D...their D at another level physically and have played 9 straight unders (some not even close) Auburn +5.5 Not real big on Auburn but worried injuries might be a problem for Houston. Hope to find or tail some other plays. Good...
  9. Seymour24

    NCAA Hoops- Friday

    Good luck Neil on all your plays!
  10. Seymour24

    March Madness

    Memphis -1.5 Like their play coming in, played well against a tough Houston team Good luck all!
  11. Seymour24

    St.Paties Day Madness may all our picks bring green.

    ☘ Have another great day!
  12. Seymour24

    March Madness

    Louisiana +11 Seems like a lot of points. Penn St. +2.5 Like the way Penn St. finished this season. Good luck all!
  13. Seymour24

    NCAA Tournament

    Good luck GD
  14. Seymour24

    NCAA Thursday

    Have a great tourney Ohara!
  15. Seymour24

    Thursday's MM

    Good luck in the tourney!
  16. Seymour24

    Thurs marchmadness

    Good luck with all your bets through the tourney...thanks for posting picks Enjoy the games
  17. Seymour24

    CBB Wed

    Good luck Ohara!
  18. Seymour24

    NCAA ball

    Small bet to keep it interesting...Northern Arizona +7.5 I don't follow this league but watched the games last night. Montana St. looked very tired at the end of the 2OT game. Going with the hot team. Good luck all
  19. Seymour24

    NHL Thursday

    I don't know, I am leaning the Habs tonight too. Good luck og