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    Saturday POD

    Paul your work on this thread is appreciated. I figured I'd give you the day off today. Thanks to Dennis, Statsman, Abbuck and anyone else that has filled in during Paul's malfunction. Get that piece of junk fixed already!!! (joking...take your time if you want) I'm pretty sure I got them all...
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    Some NHL News

    I have some free time today so I'll see what I can find about injuries/players resting. For starters (In case you didn't already know): Messier Might Face Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery Mark Messier of the New York Rangers might face season-ending shoulder surgery. Messier, who turned 41...
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    Usa Usa Usa

    USA USA USA Give those Russian crybabies hell today!!! USA USA USA
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    Belarus Tomorrow +3.5

    Has Canada even scored 4 goals in a game yet? Belarus will not get out-worked tomorrow and to be getting 3.5 at -105 looks real good, especially with the way their goaltender has looked at times. I like this play a lot. Canada will probably be up by one or two at the midway point and suddenly...
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    Canada bettors...slight variations

    one of my books and a couple others I have seen out there have Canada -1.5 +125 or +130. It's not that much of a difference but GCS has -1.5 +140 right now.
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    Finland Tomorrow...HUGE!!!!!

    (insert silly smiley face here)
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    Plays for Monday

    USA -3 -130 US is leaving nothing to chance this time around. They've been one of the best teams so far and I would think they want to head into Wednesday with all of the momentum they can. Should be able to take this one by 3. Czech +130 No question Czechs are the better team right now...
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    Question about the format??????

    I don't totally understand how the standings are determined..... Just trying to determine the most important games today...... Example: USA and Russia, both 1-0-1, including a tie against each other. What is the order of the tie breakers????? I know goals for is a factor, and I would imagine...
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    This is Great

    I've already called in sick for tomorrow again, I can't miss a second of this. Unbeleivable action. What a game today by Salo...I hope the books keep making them dogs because they have earned a play from me for every game they play. +280 vs Canada and +180's been nice. Every...
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    Anybody have lines yet??

    This is kind of ridiculous. The greatest hockey tournamet on the planet is going on and the books don't seem to care. Oddsmakers obviously did not prepare for this. What pisses me off is how they'll have odds for the fuc*ing academy awards or the emmys posted a month in advance....And here we...
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    All-Star Break Too Long

    I go to work everyday...year-round.
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    Yzerman out for a while

    I just heard a report that steve yzerman will be out for two weeks. i think he needed surgery on that knee.
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    Thank You Mike Richter

    What a performance!
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    GCS has Dallas +160 ml

    did something happen??
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    Red Wings at +100 right now for Wed.

    5-3 on 0 days rest. have not lost in dallas for a long time. losing to phoenix right now in the second. if that score holds up i would expect a better performance at dallas. maybe they're looking forward to it. anyways, red wings always worth a shot at even money.
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    Nj +165

    Devils in a 3/4 but not much of a trip from jersey to philly. Brodeur starts after resting last night. Devils are 6-1-2 ats on 0 days rest. Philly MAYBE looking ahead to Rangers game, I'm sure that's all they're talking about in Philly. NJ certainly has the talent to win this game they just...
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    Gary Roberts

    had to go somewhere during the leafs game yesterday so i did not get to watch the whole game. i'm pretty sure during one of the night games i heard Roberts hurt his shoulder or something???? anyone know what happened or what his status is?? that would be a big loss.
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    NHL picks 1-3-02

    Toronto +105 Not my favorite play today but just can't pass up this price on the leafs vs a very tired boston squad with Grahame most likely starting (although he has looked really good lately you have to assume toronto will generate a lot of scoring chances). Leafs are 2-1 vs boston this...
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    If anyone's my sunday selections

    OTT@NYR under 5.5 +105 played ott under in the saturday matinee v NJ and i can't see this one totaling 6 if richter gets the call, i don't see why he wouldn't. last 4 have played under (including once this season) and also 7 of last 10. love the early start time again as well. San Jose -.5...
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    Early Sat. Play OTT@NJ

    like the under 5 -130 here with the 1:00 start time and the recent series history. i would expect to see brodeur with a long break ahead after this one. arnott might still be out with the flu so that would also take some offence off the ice. any opinions?