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    Dose of BS

    I reckon that's enuf for one nite--will pick up any other advice tmrw. Going over to the Hickey Forum for a few mins. May the breaks all go your way.
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    Advice to MudDawg

    Re: disappearance of party from party: A word to the wise is sufficient: He doth protest too much. ¿Will that hold you?
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    Advice for Irrigating Werms

    I used to drink that Corona (Crown) in a little pueblito 250 mi. so. of Laredo. It always seemed to have oil in it. The only one worse was Cruz Blanca (White Cross) which was made by the same brewery. It always tasted like the bottle cap had rusted and disolved into it. So, as I always say...
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    Tranquilizer for ReedyMommy

    Don't worry; you feel unarmed but I wouldn't take advantage of you. I always let the Calif. boys have a long head start.
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    Attn: Irritated worm

    ReadyMummy was rite--I meant Lil Susie, who evidently bailed out-- When you step into the box with a stick in your hands, you can expect to get dusted off once in a while; that's the way the game used to be played and it would be a better game if it still was. It is the same thing here---if you...
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    special to irritant worm

    Well I just hate to miss a good fite -- it ain't the same on a replay, is it. Maybe the onliest lesson to be learned is: wearing feelings on a sleeve or supporting a chip above that is conducive to bruising and one shouldn't expose oneself to others, which is the onliest way to avoid it...
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    special to the irrigant worm -- (nobody else look please)

    Well that ain't half as much fun -- who has left anyway -- clue me in. Have to keep up on the gossip.
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    Exclusive special to maddmutt

    ¡Well what the hell!----¿did I miss all the fun? Let me know a little ahead before you sling the excrement at the ventilating system the next time so I don't get left out. Now all I can say is: You can always tell the winners; they laugh more and they joke more. Stay with it and may the...
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    To Sir Winnerpegger:

    About weekends: I will be working in Hous and have to drive there tmrw -- leave at 4:30 a.m. to try to beat the traffic at a construction zone abt 60 mi so of here where there is a 15 mi backup during the day. You have an enjoyable weekend and may every break go to just suit your wishes...
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    Need a favor of someone who will be on tomorrow.

    Was interested in leaving a POD for Paul Hockey. Anyone be around in the morning who would kindly relay it to him?
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    Att'n. PAUL HOCKEY: ¿You around anywhere close?

    Can I lay down my POD for Fri
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    Nhl Pod

    Anyone there tonite who would be kind enuf to pass along my POD to Paul Hockey tomorrow Fri --- will be unable to send it in. Thx gang.
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    Agates vs Tejas

    Please insert any strong opinion here re: Hay & M vs Tx on Fri Thx
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    Nhl Pod

    NHL POD: Edm +1/2 -130 Thx
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    ¿Anyone THINKING about a play?

    Insert opinion here.
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    ¿Anyone playing tonite's CFB gm?

    ¿Any opinions?
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    Let's welcome cujostheman

    welcome. I think you will find 99%++ good people here; and may many breaks come your way.
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    ¿What happened to the POD?

    Does anyone keep the list of the NHL POD's now and is anyone keeping a record of the NBA POD's--been out west and havent been on for abt 10 days.
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    To Topdago

    Did you see my reply to you at DAPONTES msg
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    Anyone have any firm ideas abt the rapidly approaching NBA seas (infirm ideas will also be carefully considered) and the future of any team(s)?