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    ProLine Sunday August 7

    Mornin All Playing a 1/3/4 RR; 1V Newman 2.1 2V Kahne 2.3 7V Mayfield 1.8 10V Sadler 1.75 22V+ Cleveland 2.6 23V+ Yanks 2.5 23Over Yanks/Jays 10.5 1.8 23 V+/OV Yanks 2.5/1.8 12 tix/units in play. Cheers!
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    Jays and Lilly get the money today!

    Mornin All Toronto -1 1/2 -110 [550 for 500] I've having a real good ProLine year, so not betting much Offshore. Avg'ing 2 or 3 bets per week, but I like my chances today. I can't lay the -210 on the Jays, so will chance the RL. TB RL TY -30.05 units Tor RL +4.8 units. Lilly's back in the...
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    Baseball Apr 11

    Afternoon All I already wrote up an explanation and update, but lost the site when I submitted it. I'm on the run now, so here's what I played today. It's a variation of the, Against the 2 win fav system, that I'll explain tomorrow. All RunLine plays; Oak +150 Ana +145 Fla +160 SD +130 Cheers!
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    Baseball Sunday Apr 10

    Mornin All Yest 0-1, -1 unit [-$200] STD 5-2, +4.19 units [+$838] Lost a squeaker yest as Cinci blows a 3-0 lead. Seems most games, when playing all dogs, are decided in the last inning or 2. Just one play today. Colorado +170 Cheers!
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    Saturday Baseball Apr 9

    Mornin All Yest 3-1, +2.67 units [+$534] STD 5-1, +5.19 units [+$1038] No teams qualify yet today. Looks like Cinci may end up a play. Here's the teams that would be plays if they got to the plus side, and what they are at right now. Tor -122 Oak -133 Det -117 Cinci -101 I'll post later if...
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    Friday Baseball

    Mornin All Yest 1-0, +1 unit [+$200] STD 2-0, +2.52 units [+$504] Looks like the system gets a test today. Should be interesting. 8 teams on 2 game win str's. Wash & Milw are dogs so for sure no plays. 3 plays made so far; CWS +113 MYM +125 Pitt +149 TB is at -105 right now and may become...
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    Against a 2 win Fav--Thursday

    Mornin All Yest 1-0, +1.52 units [+$304] 5 teams on 2 win Str but only 2 playing today. One play so far; Cleveland +100 [Borderline play, but if I get at least even money, I play it.] Mets are -108 right now. If they go to +100, I'll bet them also. I'll post later if it's a play for me...
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    Baseball Wed Apr 6

    Mornin All Now that we've got a couple games in, I'm going back to an old system I used to use a few years back. I don't have the stats anymore, but if memory serves me well, it did good in the 1st couple months. AGAINST a FAV on a 2 game win streak! It never really has bad losing streaks...
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    Monday baseball

    Hi guys! Thanks for all the Welcome Backs and kind words! Nice to be back in the swing of things. Went 1-1 yest. +0.25 units. Hit the over, lost on Bosox. Running late today, so just the plays; An over, a fav and a dog to start. Milw/Pitt over 7 -115 Mets -1 1/2 +110 Wash +123 Good Luck...
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    Time to start posting again

    Hi guys Offshore accounts not doing much more than collecting dust for the last few months. Reason being I suck at Basketball, both Pro and college. But with Spring in the air and baseball returning, it's time to get back into the swing of things around here. After 4 years of daily posting...
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    Somebody open a window in here!

    I don't know if we're gathering for the weekend or if we're officially back to work, but the stench of stale beer, old cig smoke [maybe it's herb smoke], and ahf's stinky stained underwear under the ripped Anna picture is a little overwhelming!!!! Hi guys! Cheers!
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    Philly And NE

    Mornin All Going pretty heavy, for me, today. Keeping it simple and going with defenses win Championship games. Both good defenses at home with 2 weeks to prepare. Philly -7 1/2 [330 to win 300] Too much emphasis on T.O being out. 3 years in a row in the big game without T.O. Let's not...
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    ProLine Props Cards #10,11,12

    Mornin All Top Trends; FGM 17 of Last 21 under Rushers 72.3% under TY Passers 60.3% under [reverse in PO's] Fumbles under 11 of L13 PtRt under 13 of L16 Sacks 5 of L6 over Year Results o/u; Overs 220 Unders 286 Passers 21-32 Rushers 13-34 FGM 14-27 Sacks 24-18 Fumbles 15-26 LG Pass 23-19...
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    Friday--1 NBA, 2 CBB

    Sorry no time for write-ups; Yest 2-1, +2.05 units 2005 3-2, +0.85 units Milw/Tor under 204 NIowa -4 SF pk Cheers!
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    NBA Thurs Jan 6

    Mornin All Yest -2.2 units 2005, 1-1, -1.2 units Today; Sea/Wash under 208 [2 units] Learned my lesson last night. Sea in a 3 in 4// 5 in 8 spot, all on the rd. Different teams than in the past, but still the L10 meets have all been under this line. Also 1 unit on Wash ML +115 Wash can score...
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    ProLine Thursday Jan 6

    Mornin All Yest +$40 b-man, cash, Mick, Congrats! I like the last 4 games on the card today, so I'll play them in a 3 of 4 RR; Ariz -3.5 [Oly -6] Wash -3.5 [Oly -6.5] UCLA -7.5 Gonz -7.5 I don't often take 4 favs, but I'll try it tonite. 4 tix/$25 per Cheers!
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    NBA Wed Jan 5

    Mornin All Yest +1 unit Won with USC Pushed 2 unit bet on Czechs, even though they won in o.t. Today Sacramento -3 [2 units] Raps are a good 9-4 at home, but Sac's 8-5 rd record is almost as good. #2 offense vs #27 defense. Sac has won 9 of L10 meets and in L4 meets have won by an avg 24...
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    Proline Wednesday Jan 5

    Mornin All Going to start the PL year with a couple of 1/2/2 RR's on PointSpread; 1st set; Iowa -9.5 Ggtn +14.5 McSt -13.5 St.Johns +12.5 SCar +12.5 2nd Set; Ark -10.5 BC +9.5 Nrwn +1.5 WVir -4.5 NtDm +3.5 8 tix/$20 per I'm going to pound PL a little harder TY, but without Hockey, the...
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    1st play of New Year

    Happy New Year All !! Time to get back at er, after a couple weeks off to enjoy the Festive Season! I see we lost a couple guys of late; G, Qwik, sp, Best of Luck to you guys! First play of the New Year is; Czechs +145 [2 units] They handled themselves well against a strong Canadian team...
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    ProLine Saturday & Sunday

    Mornin All Wed -2 units WTD +3 units Going to be playing a few sets this weekend, so need a thread to keep them together, rather than spread out in Props, Spread Or PL threads. Already posted in CC's thread; Props [card 86, Wash/SF] Key w/ 2 of 3 RR; Key #4 Barlow under 62.5 yds #'s 1,2,3...