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    Its been nearly 4 years but im back in the betting game... took some time off to raise my kids... look forward to sharing.....
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    Hello again one Monday play

    Hello everybody and how is it going, having had time to play much this year although i did know 800 bucks in pools in week 2 of hockey but other than that havent won anything , been really busy with family and such and havent had time to cap ... any rate just wanted to say hi to everyone after a...
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    Falcons cut Peerless Price

    Wow a big contract and they cut him today... bad news for CC
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    Ottawa signs and trades Hossa... for Heatly

    IMHO what a steal for the sens, i know hossa is a great player... he truly is but comon man HEATLY... an absolute steal by the sens, Heatly, Havlat and Spezza hard to argue any team having a better 3 young core....
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    Holik to Atlanta... Yzerman reups in Detroit

    Couple updates ... also Flyers signed Hatcher Therien and a couple others.
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    Jim Hughson joins CBC Hockey Night in Canada

    As a former Canucks announcer i can tell you Canada wide he could be one of the best out there as you will soon see...
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    Anyone following this... looks like Johnny Chan got bracelet number 10 and Ivey won last night, Jennifer Tilly won a bracelet too! Anywhere wher e you can bet on the winner of the big tournie?
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    Canucks name new Gm

    I t is Dave Nonis as expected
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    1st round series breakdown

    Start off with Vancouver Vancouver vs Calgary I like the Canucks here and not because i am a huge fan.... they are a different team without bert yes....but have come together lately,,,,, Kiprosoff has looked good yes but he is young yet and Calgary needs to go through some growing pains...
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    Trade Deadline post trades here!

    Might as well keep it in one thread.. worked well last year the latest i got are FLA KAMIL PIROS ATL KYLE ROSSITER DAL CHRIS THERIEN PHI 8th Round Pick (2004) 3rd Round Pick (2005) PHI VLADIMIR MALAKHOV NYR RICK KOZAK 2nd Round Pick (2005)
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    Flying over the Range.....

    16-15 +4.83units ytd Tonight i like the Flyers -.5 -120 over the Rangers..... Sean Burkes Debut? Possibly... But putting that aside Flyers have guessed it .... flying... coming off a win over the devils and on a days rest they should beat the Rangers(yes i know they also beat the...
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    A real Quacker!

    16-14 +6.83units ytd Today i like Anaheim Ml +165- ARe you kidding me? Anaheim is playing some good puck right now... Edmonton is playing alright but it appears Federov and Prospal have woke up and decided to start earning thier paychecks... i like the ducks to win this one 4-2 2 units to in...
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    An Avalanche......

    16-13 +9.83units ytd 3 unit play to win 2.73 units Avalanche -.5 over Anaheim- What a great line IMHO.... the Lanche have been flying lately.. yes they are due for a letdown but why not ride a hot streak? Forsberg Tanguay and Hejduk Sakic Kariya and Konowalchuck/Selanne Who can stop this...
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    Heads up notes on Canucks

    Just thought i would let you all know that the canucks are about to leave for a road trip that will consist on 5 games in 8 nights.... The Canucks have been a very good road team this year but to expect them to do well in the latter part of the trip is asking a lot... teams tend to falter in the...
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    Taking a Flyer for a whopping 3

    15-13 +6.53 units-oh detroit.. how you let me down last plays then i am off for the weekend Phili -.5 +110- Rangers playing 3 in 4 nights off a grueling b2b series with boston.... 3 units to win 3.3 units-like this play big Thats it tonight ilike boston but no thorton so i will lay off gl to all
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    A couple of plays and a mini-bitch

    record ytd 14-12 +6.53 units tonight sj to beat phoenix ml +100- sharks are one of the hottest teams in the league... 2 units to win 2 units Detroit-.5 -120 over anaheim- 2 units to win 1.67 units- cmon that is a good price for Detroit Also a little bitch.... Tampa is 0-6-2 lifetime...
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    Boston , Buffalo , and Calgary plays for today

    record ytd - 12-10 + 6.344 units Took a couple days off was starting to slide ... back at it today Boston + 130 ml - 1 unit to win 1 unit Boston +.5 - -110- 1 unit to win .909 unit Big rematch here ... Boston will be without thorton it looks like but i still like them here , Samsonov is...
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    Going over the Leafs and Flyers , and a royal treat!

    12-9 +8.344 record to date Fridays Plays La -.5 +110- over columbus- I like the kings in this spot.. injuries have hit them hard 2 units to win +2.2 Toronto Phili over 5 +110-Philis GT has been aweful lately and the leafs offense stellar... sounds like one of those games where it should go...
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    A star is born in Boston.... but he is a devil

    updated record 11-7 +9.344 today Boston to beat buffalo ml +100- The sam, thor and murr line is reunited for this one i see it high scoring and the bs winning it 2 units to win 2 units NJ-.5 +115-NJ + money against the Rangers are you kidding me(sorry vone) Jersey is in disarray but still...
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    That Devil, he hit a Flyer with a Lightning bolt!

    updated record ytd 10-5 + 10.8 units Picks today tb-.5 -185 - 1 unit to win .541 of a unit I dont normally play this big of a favorite , however Pitt is playing b2b and haswon 2 in a row... they cant win here .... can they? Even without Lecavailler i see tampa winning and winning easy...