2017 NFL Playoffs


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Will post all my plays in this thread here, best of luck to everyone on the board.

HOU -4 1* I don't love Houston here, but I'm going to take my chances with the league's #1 ranked defense vs a QB making his first start. Houston caught a break here and instead of just happy to be here, they'll be looking to bury the Raiders. Cook should have a conservative gameplan laid out for him obviously, but I think there will be times where he's flinging it deep, opening up TO opportunities for the Texans excellent secondary.

SEA -8 2* I hate 8 point spreads, but I'll take a team with a playoff pedigree in the toughest place to win on the road in the league in some chilly weather vs a dome team on a 3 game losing streak with a QB with a wonky finger every time. Not overthinking this one.


SEA -1
NYG/GB O37.5 +200 1*


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Round 2

First round 3-0 +5 units

ATL -6 1* Waited too long to get this in, now it's moved to 6 points, but I still like the play. Everyone knows Seattle has been completely different on the road vs home this season. And Atlanta is a much better team at home than the road. Falcons have been good at stopping the run at home this season, and I think this will affect setting up the pass with their run, which they do so well. Combine this with ATL still p*ssed about the non-call at the end of the game in SEA, with a revenge angle there, as well as Ryan has played at an MVP level most of this season, I think it sets up for a big Falcons win.

HOU +17 1* Tons of points here, and it I've flip-flopped on this game but at 17 I'm comfortable taking the points now. That HOU DL is playing at a high level even without Watt, and yes, Brady and Cook are pretty much on the opposite sides of the QB spectrum, but the only wy to beat Brady is get into his face consistently and I think you'll see Clowney get a few hurries and hits on Brady. Enough to slow the offense down as the Texans secondary has played well all year. HOU's offense stinks and so does Osweiler...but a turnover or two with a short field would be huge for the Texans. If they can just keep it close and hang in there, that's all we need. This many points always leaved the backdoor open too.

Weekend Teaser

HOU/NE U51.5
GB +11
PIT/KC U51.5

+200 1*


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Looking good so far, and midway through the third quarter in Atlanta you only need 10 points to hit the first leg of your teaser. Nice call on Atlanta, they are going to be tough to be at home (if GB wins) and a game dog in Dallas (if they prevail).


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Thanks G!

Missed out on the Texans play which would have cashed had Houston had just a mediocre QB, but I'm not crying the woulda, coulda, shoulda's here.

Still have the 2nd half of my teaser still alive, and I have GB at +11 so I'm not gonna mess around with the side on that one, but I am going to play:

GB TT O24 2* (-130)

Only 3 games this season GB did not hit this total...and those were vs MIN, NYG, HOU. 3 pretty good D's. I don't think DAL is in the same class on D. They do stop the run at home with success, but I don't think we're going to see heavy doses of Ty Montgomery for GB. Packers are gonna want to make this a firefight with Rodgers vs the rookie. I know Nelson is out, but DAL doesn't have shutdown type corners. If GB has any hope of winning they must turn this into a shootout


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I've also added a unit on a prop play...

Dak Prescott INT? Yes +110

Kind of a hunch play, I know the kid only threw 4 all season, but this is the playoffs. If this does turn into a track meet he may be forced to make some throws outside his comfort zone.

As an aside...is anyone else having problems with the BOLD function on the page? I like to make my plays bold but it's not working for me.


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PIT +1 (EV) 2*

To me, there's just too much offensive firepower for KC to keep up in this game. The weather conditions aren't the greatest so that might slow them down, but the Steelers will provide a heavy dose of Bell, and KC does not have a lot of success stopping the run. KC is nicked up at RB and we should see PIT trying to dare Smith to take some shots. KC has had a great year and they are a strong team, PIT just has a higher pedigree IMO.

GL to everyone today!


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Not a lot of time to write today, gotta work so I'll be watching well after all of you.

Playoff record 9-1 +12 units

Have had a nice go of the playoffs this year, feel pretty good about these games today.

ATL -4 (-130) 2* Falcons just have the feeling of "that" team this year.

PIT +6 (-115) 2* Too many points for a team I think is all around the better team.


PIT +13

+120 1*

GL today, enjoy the games!