2018 NFL Playoffs


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I really haven't been posting much lately, I suffer from the posting jinx at times I find...but I'll give it a go for these playoffs and see if I can shake it.

Here's what I got for Saturday.

KC -9 (EV) 2* It's a big number for sure, but I'll bite. Mularkey's on his way out the door, I'll take Reid in this matchup. Nothing about TEN has impressed me all year. Smith plays well in these WC games.

ATL +6 (-110) 2* I think ATL's being slept on a bit here. Enough can't be said about playoff experience, I don't think the Rams have a real home field 'advantage' where they play. The Falcons are still loaded with talent and have enough to at least keep it close I believe.

And I'm playing a 6 pt teaser

KC -3
ATL/LAR O42.5 (-110) 1*



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Word to the wise, don't play teasers on games you have straight up action on. Too much needs to go right to make everything come through. Rookie mistake, cost me a unit.

So now I'm sitting at 1-2 and down a unit and juice. Rather than just juice. Dumb.

JAX -9 (EV) 3* This line is insanely high. Ridiculously high. But there's a reason for it. Shady. He is BUF's entire offense. Even if he plays he will not be anything near 100%. JAX D is for real...they will make Tyrod make plays. And he won't. I know Bortles is hard to trust, but with a good running game and elite defense JAX has enough here to easily cover. The Bills are the lowest talent team in the tournament.

NO -7 (-105) 1* "When a team has swept another team in the regular season, they are 13-7 in the playoffs in completing the 3 game sweep" We've all heard that stat. Nice stat. I like that stat. I'll lay the points and ride that stat with a team at home.

GL fellas


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Not a great start to the playoffs...though I accidentally bet CAR +7 at my book, which ended up working out for me, but for record keeping sake, that's an L So 1-4 for -5.5u to start.

So for Divisional Saturday...

PHI +3 (-120) 2* Everyone seems to think it's a foregone conclusion that ATL will walk into PHI and win, because Foles. Well, ATL's a dome team, it's cold and windy in Philly today, and PHI is always a hostile environment. PHI has an excellent defense, I think Philly wins SU, but I'll take the points.

TEN +14 (-120) 2* Bit of a gut play here...nothing to do with that ESPN "story". I think Mariota can do some work with his legs to keep the Pats D guessing, Henry should get fed a lot to gobble up clock. I think TEN has enough to keep it within 2 TDs.

I've also played a fun weekend parlay for half a unit...

NO +840