3 Pack on Turkey Day


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Happy Thanksgiving to my friends south of the border here in Niagara....Hope ya all know we are blessed to have family and food for a special celebration of thanks. Be aware of the special people in ur life that makes us being here a good reason for them to love us the way we love them. Blessings to all.
These are my picks ATS....all 1*
GL with ur plays today....Lidder:cool:


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Happy Thanksgiving
Been to a lot of Thanksgiving Day Games in Detroit and it makes me remember some very special times with my Father. Am sure he will be watching from Heaven
I also have fond memories of my dad attending my football games from HS to college to Junior and even at practice while trying out for the CFL....I am thankful for that and his guidance.....GL with ur play today.


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You taking NOLA after praising Buffalo in CC’s thread??? Lol so you think Buffalo wins but NOLA covers the spread?

Man EE members have a lot of opinions.....but opinions are like assholes....everyone has one!!
Bills or Cowpokes...Bills NEED this game....The Bills are a well coached disciplined team....I'd take Buffalo....then again....It's not my $$$