AK Easter Play


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Happy Easter Boys. Got the sweep again yesterday and I am extremely thankful to the gambling gods for allowing me two sweeps in a row and a overall good month of march. Its funny, I honestly feel the old lady is a black cat, she rolls out of town for a few days in florida and I luck out on that Baylor Total by a hook, and then get two sweeps while she is gone. HMMM and I also scooped 3 Units at Black Jack at the new Degen Casino around O'Hare earlier in week!! Well she's back, but I still love Michigan again and Im confident they can handle FLA and outscore them in the end. Going to just take the 3 points in this one. I got burned by a ML on Zona the other night and the points won. Keeping it reasonable as I want to enjoy the Holiday with my family and don't want to be a spaz. I have had a couple Thanksgivings and X-Mas's blow up because of bad plays in the past 18 years of wagering so i try to tread lightly on Holidays. BURKE and MICH make the dream of final four become a reality today. If Marshall "Crackhead" Henderson and Ole Miss can handle FLA then I believe Mich can do the same.





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Is there going to be a Baylor over IV?
I'll join you on the Wolverines.
How new is that casino around O'Hare? I was in Chicago last year, for a wedding, and no one mentioned that casino. Do they have a decent poker room?


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Thanks guys, hoping to close the month with a strong win. Baylor over the 4th is a possibilty:excitement:. They are showing around 152, I might like the first half over more but not posted yet. New casino is called Rivers and about 2 Miles from O'Hare on east side of 294. I met a bud from college for lunch at we headed over for a quick hour of play. Best Casino in Chicago Burbs. The other ones are dumps. I do Like four winds over the lake in Michigan but its about a 2 hour drive. Haven't been to Bright lights/Big City in a few years and the action made me want to book a trip WEST.

Enjoy the day group !!


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Thanks boys ! Was a true beat down by the boys in blue !! I will be backing them over the cuse next sat night also. They can out shoot the zone.