Boxing-Jan 30; Kovalev vs Pascal II from the Bell Centre


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First fight was an entertaining affair with Kovalev earning the stoppage in the 9th rd.

Pascal has been training with Freddie and I think he gives Kovalev another tough fight and might take him the distance. My play tonight is:

Over 9.5 rds +200 1*



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Pinnacle offered the O7.5 +119 so not sure if it's over or not, didn't start the 8th...Pascal was lucky Kovalev didn't want to finish it himself. Thanks for posting! Like the boxing insight.


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Man I would've hated having the O7.5 with Freddie stopping the fight after 7, 90 more seconds lol.

Kovalev is just far too strong, it's so incredibly hard for fighters to absorb that punishment for long. Very interested to see if the Stevenson fight happens or if Ward will sign the deal.

Thanks for the feedback Seymour, it's appreciated. I haven't done my longer writeups due to time restraints and work, but I will do so again. Thanks again, and sorry I didn't produce a winner tonight.