Cup Finals, Game 2


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Hey all, haven't been around much lately but I've got two for tonight:

  1. I played two for tonight. Was leaning Avs and UN... Ended up on Avs and first period OV. Notes are from twt so nvmd the hashtags

  2. Game 2, TB at COL -142
  3. Also, first period OV 1.5 -131

  4. NHL trend "live" for Game 2 of the #StanleyCup Finals:

  5. • Road teams off a loss in these #nhlplayoffs are riding a 2-9 SU streak since May 22

  6. SDQL: A and p:L and season=2021 and date>=20220522

  7. And road teams off a Game 1 loss in the Finals are riding a 1-10-1 O/U streak, including 5-straight unders since 2015.

  8. SDQL: A and p:L and round=4 and series game=2

  9. Road dogs off a loss following 3-straight games where they held their opponents to 1 goal or less are 8-3 O/U in the first period, averaging 2.0 GPG.

  10. Back in the WCF, after that wild Game 1 shootout between EDM and COL, the first period in Game 2 was scoreless but there were 27 SOG.

  11. • Avs have 20 first period goals in 15 PO games (allowed 11)

  12. • T-Bay has 14 first period goals in 18 games, allowing 11.

  13. GLTA... hope it goes a lot like Game 1 did