EE Handicapper Contest Final Week

EE Sam

We had a repeat winner in Week 16 to cash in on the Money Rounds! Big congratulations to Jughead for going 5-0 and pocketing another $25.00.

This is the final week of the contest and last chance to win some cash. Money Round #3 begins with Week 17 of the EE Handicapper Football Contest and another chance at picking up $25.00 by going 5-0.

With 52 points after 16 weeks, Superman is in the lead who is 1 point away from sealing the title. In second with 47.5 points is Bill Grundy. Bill needs to go 5-0 and needs Superman to go 0-5 to take the championship. It is Week 17 of the NFL and you know anything can happen.

EE Handicapper Football Contest


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Thanks to EE for the contest. Wasn't sure I had a shot because I have always lost to hot weeks in the tournament style. Had a great run this year. It will give me confidence for the future.

CC - No, I did not. Wish I had!


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Great season Supe, congrats on taking the title. I don't know about you but I'm already looking forward to next year. lol