EE Handicapper Football Contest


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Welcome to’s EE Handicapper Football Contest. The EE Handicapper contest is open to members and runs over the 17 week NFL regular season. The format is similar to popular football contests played in Nevada.

Pick the outcomes of 5 games every week (game round) against the point spread provided by in the contest. If you are picking the Thursday game (or a Saturday game), you’ll have to make all your picks at once. 1 point for a correct pick, 1/2 point for a push.

The member who accumulates the most points over the contest wins the top prize - $1000.00 cash gift card. List of prizes below:

First place prize is $1000.00 cash gift card
Second place prize is $500 cash gift card
Third place prize is $250 cash gift card
$100 cash gift card prize for the best record in the final 3 weeks of the Contest.

The contest lines will be posted approximately every Tuesday afternoon pacific time.

Cut-off times to submit your picks is Saturday 8:00pm Pacific Time.

We have a new contest platform for the contest. Go to the Contests on the website to
sign up to play – Contests

Any questions, email

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There's a technical issue with EE Handicapper Contest - please do not make picks until it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I signed up and it's telling me to sign up GOODIE It says I have no active contests but logs me in. Never mind all set. GOODIE
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i tried entering the o/n nfl season totals but couldn't get to pick ??
any reason why and yes I did log in :-D


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EE, not a huge deal but your "Over" and "Under" for the Arizona Cards in SWT contest are in the wrong order. I popped in this morning to see how my teams did in Week 1 and noticed that I had taken Cards under by mistake (it's in the OVER slot).