Everyedge "Last Man Standing" Contest

EE Jay

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With the 2014 NFL season kicking off this week, we've got our "Last Man Standing" contest set to go.

It's very simple:

* You must select one team to win straight up each week
* You cannot use the same team twice during the season
* You must make your selection BEFORE kickoff of said game
* Keep track of what teams you already picked as you go along (and post them in your weekly posts)

The Last Man Standing will receive $50 deposited into their sports betting account at either 5Dimes or Pinnacle Sports, our two forum sponsors.

If you don't already have an account at one of the sponsor books, you can sign up by clicking through using these links:

5 Dimes Sports

Pinnacle Sports

All prize winnings will be deposited into your account with the sponsor of your choice. You need to have an account with one of those books (it doesn't need to be funded, you just need to sign up).

**You need to be an active member of the Everyedge forum to participate in the contest. You can be a brand new member and join the contest, no problem. As long as you are an active member moving forward.

We all know what an active member is. Someone who posts regularly...posts that aren't just contest-related. If you post once or twice a month, that's not active.

Please post your Week 1 picks in this thread.

Good luck everyone and have a great NFL season.


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Not sure if i qualify as I'm more of a seasonal poster (NCAA sports, NFL, posted some Golf and Tennis this summer..but not daily or even weekly)..also had a new addition to my family in May..but here we go.

My pick this week is Da Bears to win straight up