For the Stanley Cup part 2


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I just put two units on Colorado to sweep at +200
After watching two devastating performances by the Avs, I see nothing that will keep them from the Cup.
Tampa Bay has talent and experience, but you cannot all of a sudden flip a switch and gain SPEED. Avs are just too fast and on every line, offensively and defensively.
In case T Bay can some how manufacture a couple goals as they did in game one and Vasilevskey can rise to the occasion, TBay could win 1 game on home ice so I covered part of my sweep bet with the Avs winning 4 games to 1. at +160
I could be totally wrong and its been said many times that you are never as bad as your last loss or as good as your last win. I've watched a lot of hockey and this is a huge mismatch against a team that is hungry for the CUP
That's how I'm playing the rest of the series.


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Game 2 was lopsided and COL is certainly hungry for the Cup, and talented enough to get it. I'm just looking forward to seeing how T-Bay reacts back on home ice. Good luck with your series props either way.


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Game 3 starts in 15 mins

Over 1' goals 1P .5*
Over 6 .3*
Avs +100 .5*
Palat over 1/2 pt ..3*
Nichuskin over 1/2 pt .3*