Gimmie ur Best Bet for the Weekend


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Just a shout out to all EE members to put out a play that you like this weekend....I'm torn on a couple of plays....and NO...CC>>>no Teasers! lol
Figured I would let all members look and see what plays our forum members like....Might help someone pull the trigger on a play.
I'll go first....I like the UNDA 44 in Bills/Pats game....Saturday
More plays to be posted....Lidder



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Tampa Bay
This is the biggest mismatch of this weekends games. Trying to beat TB with only a run game isnt going to work.


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Like Cincinnati in the first game feel they have better players and are at home, also like the bills tonight same reason as Cincy think Allen has a great game


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All these games are tough pickens........but my fav is
Pats Bills Under 43.5
And thats from someone who hates playing unders