Mar 11/21


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Yesterday 1-1 losing some $$$ bookie spanked me a little bit.

Aniti Raanta turned me into liar, or he saw my post and got pissed off and played lights out. Avs going 0-5 or 0-6 on PP didn't help our cause.

I got 2 I like today

Back to the well with another 1st pd over play
Wpg/TOR Over 1.5 1st Pd -155 1*
Pittsburgh Penguins on the Puck line -1.5 +135 1*



Hey Paul not sure if you've used this site called oddsshark but they have some good info over there some that might interest you not sure. I use it a lot for NBA 1stq and 1sth betting stats. The NHL section has 1st period total info you might want to glance at, not as good as the NBA 1stq/1sth but useful in some respect I would think. Here's the link and check out some of their info on the right hand side of the page pretty good stuff

Here's the NBA link for 1stq/1sth as well

If you haven't been here before it's definitely worth a look, gl tonight


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Hey Thomas,
I need to correct myself. I have used oddsshark for years, but I took a look at the link you sent above that is good stuff. I used the data base for a lot h2h stuff, but never seen that 1st period table. Thanks for sharing . Another tool in the toolbox is always handy.