Mayweather vs McGregor


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Kinda surprised there's no post about this fight yet. Hoping to avoid the posting jinx that has plagued me as well.

Mayweather by KO/TKO/DQ -135 4*

When Mayweather fought Arturo Gatti everyone was saying the same things they are saying about this fight. "Oh, he only has to hit him with one good shot...Mayweather doesn't have enough power to hurt him...he's taken way harder shots from much bigger opponents and didn't get hurt..." And Mayweather proceeded to beat the brakes off of Gatti in an absolute destruction, making him quit on his stool. And Gatti is one of the greatest warriors the sport has ever seen. And Gatti was 20 times the boxer McGregor is.

Don't overthink this one. The disparity in talent will be seen clearly in the first round. McGregor will charge in...gas himself out in 4-5 rounds and Mayweather will punish him for the rest of the fight, and I see a referee stoppage around Round 8 or 9.

GL, enjoy the fight


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Hey bro. I agree with your thoughts. However I want so bad to see CM catch him with a left and send him to the canvas. I give CM 3 rounds if he can't beat him in 3 he's toast


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Hahaha, I think so many people are just dying to see that.

I'm not even a real big Mayweather fan myself, but I'm backing him tonight!


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I like the DQ angle if I can isolate that bet. Otherwise the only thing I'm taking is Floyd in the 10-12 round as I think he will use a few rounds just to prove that Mac can't touch him and then explode late. (explode = TKO not a knockout)

Should note that the only outcome that guarantees a rematch is a Mac win, any way possible...that might be interesting as you know how boxing stumbles (or somehow is directed) into those types of scenarios.


Fight about to get going. Agree that this fight can't go longer than 8.5 rounds. Maybe Conor gets lucky and lands a knockout bow, it's his only chance really. I'll go with the proven product and back Mayweather however because Conor has no fitness to go past 8.5 rounds. My bet is under 8.5 rounds -150. Also, playing Mayweather to win in round 7 8 and 9 +1400 for each bet. Enjoy the fight!

EE Jay

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nice breakdown Steve, and nice call as well Calumet. Overall, McGregor acquitted himself well and they put on a good show. As you said BS, McGregor will come out with a flurry, get gassed and then Mayweather will patiently punish him.