Monday, May-04-15 NHL


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Got my ass kicked yesterday. Terrible way to end the week and the ironic part is that I was considering just playing the salami over but held off, because I thought the TB at MTL game would be lower scoring. Salami was 15.5 and thanks to the eight in MTL, it hit. Oh well.

Played 1.5 units tonight on Washington at -115
NYR don’t give up a lot of PP chances but the Caps can make them pay if they get the chance. Washington has really cut back on penalties during the playoffs, their penalty kill is working well and Holtby has been solid. Think this is a good price on a talented home team and at home off a road loss this year, Washington scored 3.4 goals per game. If they can get to three tonight (OT included, if necessary), I think they win.