Monday Night


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0-2 yesterday as Detroit lost the coin flip in overtime and Atlanta was more interested in running down the clock in the final minutes to just kick a field goal to win for the money line bettors who outsmarted everyone. I suppose everyone here understands how wild this NFL can be. I remain undeterred and will move on to another 4* play in other words a game I really like tonight………

Pittsburgh Steelers +2 4*

I am a glutton for punishment when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers but they are in a great situation for redemption after the brutal debut versus the 49ers last week. We all saw teams like the Giants and Seahawks show up with big efforts after laying an egg the week before, and let’s not forget Buffalo in a similar fashion. The local and National media have been all over them all week and what better way to shut everyone up than to beat your hated division rival just to add more to the mix. This group has always played for Tomlin especially on Monday nights and let’s face it Cleveland’s D looked great last week but Cincinnati showed us yesterday that they are just an underwhelming team right now, Steelers played a juggernaut and will reverse form versus a hated division rival. Take the 2 points but money line makes a lot of sense as well.E GL